Wednesday, December 28, 2005

tate and lyle factory in east london

I am especially proud of this one.

since it was taken with my new camera. which i am still bonding with. It has far toomany knobs/dials/buttons i don't know what half of them do!!!

but any way this was taken one sunny day in the east end of london. it is a picture of the smoke stacks that comes out of the tate and lyle factory. The smoke and shadows and chimneys just look so good!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

light coming through glass door

So as you may have guessed, well I say guessed, I mean blatantly know, since I have mentioned it earlier. That I have a new camera... and I have allready been abusing around london. I am now not sure what i love more the camera or my psp? they are both black and shiny, though only one has a zoom function!

The best picture I reckon I have taken so far with it is this one with the light shining throuhg the glass of the door falling on the wall of the coridor.

light comes through a dinosaur mouth

No real reason to post it other than to say that I thouhgt it looked especially cool

Sam and anoushka

Sam and anoushka
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so xmas with my family...

not much to say about it really. though withthe new camera i got i took this photo of my sister and her partner sam. Amoungst the presents they got included Schot's almanac and a genuine habitat chiken in a pot , pot. I am not sure wat it is, but i have been led to believe that you cook chicken in it. And apparently it helped really kick off habiat down a profitable path in the 60's.

Monday, December 26, 2005

green leaf sunlight falling on it

In terms of my technological addiction, it is getting worse. I have just got a new digi cmaera as well. And I have been out today playing with in my garden. took some great shots though. like this one.

With this camera I can take decent close ups of all sorts of things

Amy susanne and brookie playing the guitar

you have to love when you go digging through your old photos on the machine and discover silly party photos from 2003.

And ina bout 1 month only one of these people will still be working in the museum

giving me far too much pleasuse my psp

it is 12 inchs of big blak shiny love.

yes i have come to genuinely love my psp. Although I do not think ican marry it. no place to put on a ring.

It is just so damn cool. What I wonder though is how soon will it become redunant? 2-3 years?

At least I can be an extra smug bastard by having bought it in japan and paid only £100 for it compared to the £180 ripp off price over here in the uk!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

out on a jolly with the team

out on a jolly with the team
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This monday me and the team headed out to the comedy store in london,. where we saw the genius that was:
James Campbell's Comedy 4 Kids
I have not laughed so much and so long as when a 9 year old was telling us the weirdest comedy involving two teddy bears (with magnets in thier head) fighting over fanta and bread... at a teddy bear picnic, despite the fact they don't have mouths. yes it was insane and all the aadults who watched where wetting themselves laughing, the kids watching where bemused by him!

stole all his material though...

James cambell set was good, though you could tell that he almost let in his more 'adult material in to set.. despite the children in the audience.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

west london sunset from dana centre

Yes sunset photos may be boring and reapeated all over the world... still doesn't stop the colours in them from looking fantastic.

This one picture was taken last week from the dana cnetre in London where I work and looks out over south Kensington and west london as a whole!

cybersalon xmas party dana centre

A load of people enjoying themselves in the dana centre surely not. Well the cybersalon group clearly are.
They are an ecceltic group/collective of creatives/electronics/computer/art types.

They had just had their xmas lecture and then followed it up by having a good old drink in the bar afterwards... since I was event manager I couldn't join in with them in the alcohol drinking but I had one tasty sald before heading home at about 22.30.

Yes I am a salad eater, what about it!

Shepherds bush green in the morning

can you belive in the space of 1 week i have set up a shepherds bush online phot group... get 19 members... and nearly 30 photos. you have to love it.. maybe there should be a photo group for lots of parts of london?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Crane in a west london building site on a sunday

So my rant of the day is about contracts and lawyers.. absolutley necessary I know but dear god does it take the life out of you!

not sure who would go first in the revolution lawyers or health and safety people!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

acton crane and the sky
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As part of my on going addiction to flickr I have created and allready invited people to add thier pictures to a pool of images of Shepherds bush where I live...

Feels weird starting a mini image bank... but I like it. Community forming

Want to join?

Monday, December 12, 2005

dan in a haze of liquid nitrogen gas

so this picture arose when after having looked after the punk science boys, an event i filmed and webcast for last week. they do experiments with liquid nitrogen.. like freezing a sausage/penis.

but they a shit load of liquid nitrogen left over, so we chucked it on the ground and took some silly photos like this one.

alan at the pub quiz

alan at the pub quiz
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So what is the best way to spend a sunday night...well as cas me and alan/barbara now know it is the local pub quiz in hammersmith. but last night it did not go so well...

What went wrong? too many bloody tough questions... but we did sit opposite this famous guy from Tv that I couldn't (and still can't) place.

PS are all the perfume ads at xmas getting you down? Kill a perfume spritzerin a department store... make yourself fell better instantly.

Monday, December 05, 2005

mural in notting hill gate

mural in notting hill gate
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one of the things i have found since getting back and getting myself a goood camera on my phone is how i just love taking pictures of art around town. things that just appear for no good reason. or are amazing and are down some back alley. like this mural down the back alley of notting hill gate you would hardly notice itif you didn't know it was there.. and it is 4m x 4m big!

do not leave litter vs fridges

do not leave litter vs fridges
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come on, you have to love this... I am not sure whose sense of humour this was but genius!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Black elvis at explainer christmas party

yes ladies and gentlemen, Elvis is back... and this time he is black!

last night the performer of choice was an elvis impersonator... a good all round show!

Sunny morning in london trickling through the trees

Ok so it isn't snowing.. I can't go to the beach or anything fun that way.. but it doesn't mean that London first thing on crisp and cold morning can't look beautiful. just look at my road here. either i am still hung over from the explainer xmas party last night in South London Pacific ( a tiki bar in kennington) or that is a beautifull sight.