Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Tavistock night out.

So last night was a night out with the Tavistock film group. Which started with time in the Tavistock Hotel.

This desceneded into a ravagily hunger (possibly drunk) requiring pack of people, needing to eat. So we headed to the spanish restaurant I was at last tuesday with VPU!!!

Strange circularity about that.

Before I go on big thanks for the cake! Cheers all.

Guest editors today are from the Tavistock Film Group. With their own comments on last night.

We played a hilarious game in the Spanish bar tonight at about 01.30 (actually 2.00) in the morning. It involved which celebrities we are the love child of... Johanna was the love child of Tim Curry (but is the actually the real grand-love child of
Graham Greene!!!)

Sometimes it was informative and insightful, at other times it was disgusting and something I really enjoyed. If I was to write a story book about it Gaetan could write it and embellish it to hell.

It was interesting to meet these people and they should not be let out of the asylum. Some of them could be intriguing and some of them could be plain dull. Secrets have been have been revealed... Over several wines/sangria/not quite sure what it was. I have stories to tell.. Who wants to buy them...?

Would just like to say that he would worry if Gaetan became a journalist... For his ability to relay information effectively and accurately!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Another pub quiz.

Tonight involved Alan/Heidrun/Cas/Barbara and myself going to a pub in 'Brackenbury village' Otherwise known to most normal (non Estate agents) people as west Hammersmith. And we came second (not even close to first like last week in the Wenlock). The winning team was miles ahead of us. What was emabrassing was that we were the only team with welsh people (2 in fact) and they spelt Aberystwyth wrong.

I have been mostly listening today to Jem and their newsong 'They'. It rocks.

Check out her site! Jem

Never mind the fact that she is in the video and is absolutely beautiful and that she does a whole Barbarella sequence in the video. Wow.

There are now only less than 10 days till I start the round the world trip... actually I have an ominous feeling about it all. Something I can't quite place. Nevermind the endless leaving drinks I have in the next week, with family/friends/film group. It all seems so strange. Oh well bring it on.

At least I have a new flat to leave my stuff in while I am away. What a shame I have to go through the hassle of moving house.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

In a silly blogging mood today

If you feel like being equally silly then check out:

Selfridges...Vegas baby.

Oh My God..

Just went along to Selfridges today and they have a special theme in the shop for the whole of may.

Las Vegas.

Or as they describe it Vegas Supernova.

If you are in London you have to head along it is such good campy fun.
I was there with Heidrun today and she was cheking out the Liberace outfits they have on show, and I could tell she was thinking:

"hmmmm that would defintely suit me"

Seriously though, did no one think he was just a little bit gay?

Friday, April 22, 2005

Not much to report really

In preparation for the holiday/trip I have done the following:

Got $300 US currency
Had injected Hep A vaccine
Bought Travel Towel
Booked my hotel in new york.... it's the YMCA!!
Bought Plug adaptor
Bought day bag
Visited dental hygeniest and now have a wonderful set of nashers.

Oh and bought a flat in London.
nothing special

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What is new?

So what is new in my life... Well the house I am buying looks like a positive and is going ahead, which is good. But more importantly tonight I spent a fantastic night in the company of the VPU/Sci-night unit... in an obscure Spanish bar on Hanway street round the back of Tottenham court rd.

So everyone was there form the unit and we had a gay old time (not literally) and it was good to these guys/gals because I have deep place in my heart for all of them. Since I have worked with all of them at the Science Museum. Good luck to you all.

And what's more Rob turned up as well from a gig in Germany, which is great because he missed out on the craziness of my Frank Sinatra/Karaoke leaving do. If you don't know Rob, you might know him from his 'nom de gueure' Rufus Hound. He was recently on BBC3, Destination 3. Bigging up the Rufus. Have fun in Las Vegas!

Most of the night decendeded into a fun parade of chaos that was akin to a Girls' slumber party, never a bad thing. The best bit was that I was the only Y chromosome there... quelle domage!

The night was being quiet almost 'civilized', until I brought it down to the base level with a few rounds of 'SHAG/MARRY/KILL?' See earlier in the month...
Which then proceeded to go from random celebrities to people we actually knew... Not at my behest I would like to point out. They did it all by themselves. Dangerous territory!

Then the girls took the game to new level with their own interpretation
BIG willy/MEDIUM willy/Tiny willy

and then it went to arounds of 'I have never'

If you don't know the rules... email me to find out more.

Now just a as a few general points that I actually do remember of the night!
1) Susanne, I do have a good picture of you.
2) Kat, I am not surprised that the toothpaste thing did not work...
3) Amy, you should not play the 'I have never Game', I only remember what you told me last time.
4) Brookie, I am surprised at you!
5) Sam, honestly, in the museum!
6) Claire, you kept way too quiet during most of it, that makes me suspicious of your answers.
7)John, man, you left way too early... nuff said

Ps lots of love to the VPU/SCI-night... Luv Ya.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Chess and peter stringfellow

Ok dear reader first of all, feel free to write in your own comments here. If you don't know how to do it... email me.

The past few days included:
Drinking with Cas in the Wenlock in East London.
Apparently there is such a place beyond Holborn.

Now this was a good night because:
1: Our team won the Pub quiz
2: There was a lock in, Only the second I have ever had in London
3: There was a group of us watching and giving drunken advice to 2 people playing chess. I don't think we actually helped that much.

Friday I did get the shots I need to go abroad. Now I have an achy breaky arm.

Friday night I went to the Priory Bar with Alan and Barbara... a semi expensive cocktail bar round the courner from me in Olympia. not too bad i give it a 6-7 out of 10.

Last night was Alice's Birthday party. And since she had a bit of envy at Anthony's box present (last week was his birthday) he got, I made one as well for her.

The basic concept of the box (from Bureau)is that you buy a nice gift box and put inside of it:
At least one nice present
Party poppers to use in the pub
Sweets/Candy to eat or to throw at other people in the pub.
and a genrealy asembly of cheap crap to keep the person occupied.

Last night we were playing Shag/Marry/Kill:
The hardest moral decisions had to be made when given a choice of Peter Stringfellow/Benny Hill/Hugh Hefner

It kept our minds occupied for 15 mins and still it was a hard choice... Kill peter Stringfellow?

What would you do?

Thursday, April 14, 2005


I have to have several booster shots for my travelling and I have to admit... I am slightly dreading it.

You see it's not the needle that the problem...or what they are injecting... it's the sensation and thought of a sharp bit of metal entering into my skin/blood vessel... etc

Something quite sensible to be worried about obviously.

Tomorrow though I will do it honest.

Shots I need are Polio/Tetanus/Diptheria boosters.

Thankfully because I used to have to deal with human tissue in one of my former jobs, so I have been 'Pumped' with everything. but that was 8-9 years ago.

Click their wikipedia entry to find out more about each of these lovley conditions!

Feel free to leave comments gals & guys!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Gap year

After just watching a 38 yr old woman go nutty on her gap year holiday (BBC2 programme). I would like to point out that I will not be bungee jumping at any point of my holiday. Ther is no financial inducement for such crazyiness!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Saw this and laughed loudly!!

wanna see more go to

Moving house

Dear reader... pity us... and our things.

Try to imageine moving all of it to a new place!

Estate Agents & Photos

Well today is the day when I can announce my Itinary!

I will be flying to:
New Zealand

Yes I am going to Fiji!
Want to know where Fiji is (I had no real idea!), go to this link

Today, I have managed to deal with over 6 estate agents during the day, as they looked round the flat here in Hammersmith. Which is about 7 more than anybody should ever have to deal with. The first one took 10-15 mins to get out of the house, but by the end I had managed to get the banter down to 5 mins...and get thier asses out of the house.

If you can think of a painfull ways for a estate agent to die please let me know.

Oh and i also have some wonderful new piccies from the party at the Dana centre (1st april), I am just thankfull I was gloriously Sober all night long.. and didn't step up to teh mic and start singing and torturing people with my voice... ah, oh dear.


Sunday, April 10, 2005


So Anthony's 30th brithday party was this friday night, and it was not teh drunken debauched mess it could have hoo. Oh well. At least he liked his box of presents he got!

I have also been doing some filming for tavistock films this weekend, that went well and only took us 3 hours.

But I ask you , what the hell is up with the weather at the mo, i cylced in bright sunshine and was bloody freezing... it's april for god sake!

Any way next week is flight/hotel booking week as well as sorting out the house week. bring on the travelling!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Good Friends

You know that i have really lovely friends... so much so that they go and buy me a T-shirt like this for a leaving present!!!

and before you ask, yes it is Britney and Christina, and yes they are doing what you think they are doing! If you want to know where to get this and other 'quality' murchandise let me know.

On another note, monday will be my flight booking day. But most importantly tonight is Anthony P&*£!"s' 30th!! b'rthday shindig. Oh the booze, the broads...well... um... the well I can't think of anything else begining with b, but you know what i mean. A night for choas...will report back any funny instances dear reader and hopefully some pics as well!

Ps I will find out who the Anti-Glee is! Be warned!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Cost of Flights

Bloody Hell!
I will have to pay £1200 to go all the way around the world how i want to!!!
I suppose it is the price I have to pay but come on.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

South Park Gaetan

Just since i got intensely Jealous of Greta's Blog I had to make one for my self... so here is South Park Gaetan... try it out for yourself here .

Party Pics & Battlestar Galactica

hey there all check out some fo the phot's from friday night... as i said before if you have any pictures let me know...

and by this time next week I should have booked my flight for America and the Gaetan Lee World Tour 2005. Scary eh!

oh and by the way if you want a very good messed up TV Series watch the updated version of Battlestar Galactica. Wierd but good!

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Yes, after a bit of a crazy weekend that involved started off with:
A Rat Pack Frank Sinatra themed leaving party with Karaoke!
A cold war themed house warming party above a load of curry shops in brick lane. Where G. & E. & T. got people eating broccoli with trifle!
A birthday party in a Moroccan restaurant in Oxford Circus. Where when you want food you ask for it and get it free?
A shopping splurge for comic books and DVDs...nuff said.
My last ever shows for the Science Museum. Which where rammed!

And now I am unemployed....ahhhh

Thanks all of you that did come to the leaving do on Friday night... Little did I anticipate the evil crazy genius of an idea that karaoke would become. I hope you all had a great time and since I was hosting, I could only spend a little bit of time with each of you. Which felt inadequate.

But I hope I got to say goodbye to everyone.
Highlights for me from Friday night where the following:

Mark's rendition of Nirvana's smells like teen spirit
Ben Gammon aledgedly rocking to bon Jovi Livin' on a prayer
Deanna fantastic singing...all through the night.
Torturing everyone with American Pie.

I had been thinking.. we should have recorded the whole thing and released everyones 'Dulcet' Tones on CD.

maybe call it... nowthat's what i call Scince Museum Staff singing Vol 3

But any way the 6 month odessey begins!

If anyone has photo's from friday night.. please send them to me.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Hey there

Yes the Glog has started after the end of my time at the Science