Wednesday, December 28, 2005

tate and lyle factory in east london

I am especially proud of this one.

since it was taken with my new camera. which i am still bonding with. It has far toomany knobs/dials/buttons i don't know what half of them do!!!

but any way this was taken one sunny day in the east end of london. it is a picture of the smoke stacks that comes out of the tate and lyle factory. The smoke and shadows and chimneys just look so good!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

light coming through glass door

So as you may have guessed, well I say guessed, I mean blatantly know, since I have mentioned it earlier. That I have a new camera... and I have allready been abusing around london. I am now not sure what i love more the camera or my psp? they are both black and shiny, though only one has a zoom function!

The best picture I reckon I have taken so far with it is this one with the light shining throuhg the glass of the door falling on the wall of the coridor.

light comes through a dinosaur mouth

No real reason to post it other than to say that I thouhgt it looked especially cool

Sam and anoushka

Sam and anoushka
Originally uploaded by Gaetan Lee.
so xmas with my family...

not much to say about it really. though withthe new camera i got i took this photo of my sister and her partner sam. Amoungst the presents they got included Schot's almanac and a genuine habitat chiken in a pot , pot. I am not sure wat it is, but i have been led to believe that you cook chicken in it. And apparently it helped really kick off habiat down a profitable path in the 60's.

Monday, December 26, 2005

green leaf sunlight falling on it

In terms of my technological addiction, it is getting worse. I have just got a new digi cmaera as well. And I have been out today playing with in my garden. took some great shots though. like this one.

With this camera I can take decent close ups of all sorts of things

Amy susanne and brookie playing the guitar

you have to love when you go digging through your old photos on the machine and discover silly party photos from 2003.

And ina bout 1 month only one of these people will still be working in the museum

giving me far too much pleasuse my psp

it is 12 inchs of big blak shiny love.

yes i have come to genuinely love my psp. Although I do not think ican marry it. no place to put on a ring.

It is just so damn cool. What I wonder though is how soon will it become redunant? 2-3 years?

At least I can be an extra smug bastard by having bought it in japan and paid only £100 for it compared to the £180 ripp off price over here in the uk!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

out on a jolly with the team

out on a jolly with the team
Originally uploaded by Gaetan Lee.
This monday me and the team headed out to the comedy store in london,. where we saw the genius that was:
James Campbell's Comedy 4 Kids
I have not laughed so much and so long as when a 9 year old was telling us the weirdest comedy involving two teddy bears (with magnets in thier head) fighting over fanta and bread... at a teddy bear picnic, despite the fact they don't have mouths. yes it was insane and all the aadults who watched where wetting themselves laughing, the kids watching where bemused by him!

stole all his material though...

James cambell set was good, though you could tell that he almost let in his more 'adult material in to set.. despite the children in the audience.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

west london sunset from dana centre

Yes sunset photos may be boring and reapeated all over the world... still doesn't stop the colours in them from looking fantastic.

This one picture was taken last week from the dana cnetre in London where I work and looks out over south Kensington and west london as a whole!

cybersalon xmas party dana centre

A load of people enjoying themselves in the dana centre surely not. Well the cybersalon group clearly are.
They are an ecceltic group/collective of creatives/electronics/computer/art types.

They had just had their xmas lecture and then followed it up by having a good old drink in the bar afterwards... since I was event manager I couldn't join in with them in the alcohol drinking but I had one tasty sald before heading home at about 22.30.

Yes I am a salad eater, what about it!

Shepherds bush green in the morning

can you belive in the space of 1 week i have set up a shepherds bush online phot group... get 19 members... and nearly 30 photos. you have to love it.. maybe there should be a photo group for lots of parts of london?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Crane in a west london building site on a sunday

So my rant of the day is about contracts and lawyers.. absolutley necessary I know but dear god does it take the life out of you!

not sure who would go first in the revolution lawyers or health and safety people!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

acton crane and the sky
Originally uploaded by Gaetan Lee.

As part of my on going addiction to flickr I have created and allready invited people to add thier pictures to a pool of images of Shepherds bush where I live...

Feels weird starting a mini image bank... but I like it. Community forming

Want to join?

Monday, December 12, 2005

dan in a haze of liquid nitrogen gas

so this picture arose when after having looked after the punk science boys, an event i filmed and webcast for last week. they do experiments with liquid nitrogen.. like freezing a sausage/penis.

but they a shit load of liquid nitrogen left over, so we chucked it on the ground and took some silly photos like this one.

alan at the pub quiz

alan at the pub quiz
Originally uploaded by Gaetan Lee.
So what is the best way to spend a sunday night...well as cas me and alan/barbara now know it is the local pub quiz in hammersmith. but last night it did not go so well...

What went wrong? too many bloody tough questions... but we did sit opposite this famous guy from Tv that I couldn't (and still can't) place.

PS are all the perfume ads at xmas getting you down? Kill a perfume spritzerin a department store... make yourself fell better instantly.

Monday, December 05, 2005

mural in notting hill gate

mural in notting hill gate
Originally uploaded by Gaetan Lee.
one of the things i have found since getting back and getting myself a goood camera on my phone is how i just love taking pictures of art around town. things that just appear for no good reason. or are amazing and are down some back alley. like this mural down the back alley of notting hill gate you would hardly notice itif you didn't know it was there.. and it is 4m x 4m big!

do not leave litter vs fridges

do not leave litter vs fridges
Originally uploaded by Gaetan Lee.
come on, you have to love this... I am not sure whose sense of humour this was but genius!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Black elvis at explainer christmas party

yes ladies and gentlemen, Elvis is back... and this time he is black!

last night the performer of choice was an elvis impersonator... a good all round show!

Sunny morning in london trickling through the trees

Ok so it isn't snowing.. I can't go to the beach or anything fun that way.. but it doesn't mean that London first thing on crisp and cold morning can't look beautiful. just look at my road here. either i am still hung over from the explainer xmas party last night in South London Pacific ( a tiki bar in kennington) or that is a beautifull sight.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Inverse colours starbucks cup

Inverse colours starbucks cup
Originally uploaded by Gaetanlee.
So although this isn't something from london i have just uploaded it to the net ( I just think it looks so damn cool. it is a reverse picture of the a starbucks cup from my time in paris last weekend. I have decided that cold weather is fine so long as you are on holiday. When you are working it is a pain in the ass especially when you have to cycle and you have lost your gloves.

The only thing that happens when you cycle in this type of cold weather is you start to lose feeling in your extremities.. then you lose your extremities. A situation I do not wish!

Monday, November 28, 2005

London road sign

London road sign
Originally uploaded by Gaetanlee.
An ominous looking sign that shadows us poor and helpless soon to be passengers on london transport. This is next to the bus stopwhere I have to get on a bus to take me to take wor when it is too piss cold to cycle.

I mean I would love to cycle to and from work, but honestly I can't take it at the mo!

sepia Alan shit eating grin

sepia Alan shit eating grin
Originally uploaded by Gaetanlee.
So i was out last thursday when they brought out teh 24 hour liscening.. did no spend all night dringking like fools... no... we went home at 10.30pm.

Yes we all started to act sensible.

what is the world coming to


So i have decided to restart my blog... But his time as a photo blog.. Of what I do in London.

Dull and tedious I hope not.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I have the net again

Hoorah I have my wireless network up and working again!!!


So I will be writting up my blog of my time in Singapore and Japan soon. As well as a email to all of you who have read my blog and helped me on my journey!!

G over but not quite out!


Thursday, October 13, 2005

back in UK

I am alive though i do not have the net until tomorpow.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

last full day

Is being spent seeing the sites and sounds of Shimbuya/asakusa/shinjuku.

So tomorrow it is all over and I will be back to a normal life....!!!


Sunday, October 09, 2005

On the road

I have now just done Kyoto and Hiroshima... and i am now slightly hungover. Now my last 2 days on the road will be spent in tyoko... depressing does not even begin to describe it...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Your correspondent in Kyoto

I have this to say at this moment in time.. I hate rain and although i may have said it before.... it has put a bit of the dampner on the wonderful pictures I wanted to take here in kyoto.....arse...

Any way.. tomororow I am off to Hiroshima for the day and then I am coming back to Kyoto for my last night here... catch you on teh flip side.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Yep all the way from kyoto today`s entry is coming from... After having taken the bullet train to get here I am now a little bit more relaxed about things...

ahh the temples await me tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

From the Mac store - Ginza Street

Yes so there is free internet in Tokyo.. the Mac store.. Very chic

Any way to the point of the mail, is to give you an update on my self... first of all I am now booked into going to Kyoto and will also be staying in a traditional Ryokan when I get back to Tokyo.

Unfortunatly the weather has been horredous and so i have have been soaked. I am hoping the weather does improve byt eh time I get back so that I can go to Mt fuji... but I am holding my breathe on that.


G man

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Totally Tokyo

Just to let you know that I am alive and well in Tokyo.. though a little tired after the long trip... This is going to be a crazy town... what a shame my accommodation is so far away from the centre for the next three days... But afterwards I will be Kyoto then Hiroshima and also Mt Fuji. Hopefully.Any Way hope to hear from yousonn... Email me you b`stards...

G love and lots of special sauce

Monday, October 03, 2005

Melbourne Slide show

Have a watch of my Melbourne slides as a slide show.

Melbourne meets Gaetan Lee

So I have of course neglected to mention anything about my time in Melbourne... Mainly because I have been so busy with my international jet set life style.

But fear not I have been keeping a journal of what I got up to so here goes

Got in as I said on Friday morning with a back pack the size of Mount Everest ( I exaggerate but not by much).

It was about 7.00 am and Greta was expecting me.. But for some reason the bus drop of was not where she and I had expected.. It was thankfully however even closer to her house in Carlton. So a quick taxi to hers was soon in order.

As you may know treading the streets is a favorite pastime of mine once in a city and Greta was eager to do the same. It had been a good bit of luck meeting/staying with her during the following week as it meant that she also had a week off from college.

So what did we get up to well there was a trip down to the heart of town including a visit to flinders street station and federation square. We went into the film museum. And I found out the first feature length film had in fact been shot in Australia (that I did not know).

We saw some kooky art Exhibition called White Noise and then headed to the 'mighty' Yarra river. Where we checked out the experimenta:Vanishing point exhibition. Which was also brilliant.

The town was very alive with the final of the AFL game being the next day, In fact the Swans (go Sydney swans) and the eagles (who cares) were teams form out of town and so the locals could not go as crazy as they might have.

But there were footie fans all over the place none the less.
I think I was pretty much passing out by about 22.00 that night from sheer exhaustion.

AFL final day, now for those of you who have followed my travels, you will of course know that I supported the Sydney Swans, Since I saw them play about 1 month earlier. The match was in the afternoon, so in preparation we got a a couple of bottles of wine from a great wine shop called clear skin.

Then we headed off to the a friend of Greta's, I think called Matt, Having said that I think all of Greta's male friends are called Matt.

Any this guy had the Lushest Apartment ever with this amazing view over Melbourne. He had everything set up there from a great barbecue, to a fuss ball table.

But to the game, It was great, the swans won of course but it was a close match and although the Eagles pulled ahead briefly they managed to lose their lead to the swans by the end of the game. This is a amazing game to watch, I heartly recommend it to any to watch.

After the game it was time for some Ipod DJ'ing, more eating, dancing and more fuss ball action than I could cope with.

At about 20.00 we headed off to Brunswick street, the local hip street in town. And a few of us Packed into the 'Provincial' a bar/club type thing.

Most of the buildings on this street on the outside look deliberately shabby in order to give them that 'Shabby Chique' Thing. It was ok, but as Greta described it, It was full of Bogans. In Fact one of them had tried to chat her up with the following line.

"huh, You look like a secretary... That's sexy"

Some how it didn't work... What a surprise!

But since the music was rubbish we headed back to the Shack. By the way it is I think in my memory the only place in the world where there was a que for the mens toilet and none for the women's??!?!? What is going in the world?

Greta and myself had only a mild hangover. Since we didn't push our selves the day before.
Greta's Brother was in town as well, He was up from Tasmania with some of his bloke mates to watch the match in bars in Melbourne.

He, Greta and myself went to grab some breakfast/brunch type thing on Brunswick street at a place called Gluttony... Aptly named.

I ordered the Scrambled Surprise.... Jesus it was a monument to Egg/Bread/Tomato/Rocket salad. This was the biggest and quite frankly the best fry up breakfast I have ever had the bread was this delicious greasy and cheesy. Greta and her brother also got monumental breakfasts as well. I think mine was over 15 cm high!

Stuffed.. That is the only way to describe the sensation within my stomach at that moment in time. But Greta was determined we also visited a Gelati near by. As she says we all have a secondary stomach made specifically for desserts.

What of the rest of the day well the after noon was spent languish in the pool of my only sloth and gluttony using their house hold wireless net. So good. Actually what am I talking about .. We headed off to this great Museum. The Melbourne museum. I can't tell how great eh design and the content is of this place... They must have thrown money at this from every where, but it is so good.

But the evening we headed off to one of the Free (oh yes!) character comedy gigs at the Melbourne fringe festival. Not a bad night as we were joined by Tam, who was at the party the day before,and one of tam's mates.
Like all these things some good acts some bad...

Although it was a holiday week for Greta, she did have to do some work, so she headed off to the library to get some Isolation/no distraction time. So I went around town sorted out some administrative things that needed to be done as well as headed off to the Fitzroy gardens.

Where Captain cooks Parents house can be found... Yes they shipped it here from the UK?!?!?!?

Um what else happened... Oh I know we went to watch Wallace and Grommit at the local cinema. So good!

More tourist things National portrait gallery and the Rialto towers... Best view in town.
Greta is perturbed by how well I seem to be doing around town in terms of orientation myself.
But the evening Was the real main activity of the day.

It was going to be Curry night with some of Greta's mates from her course. I felt like a toy from a show and tell class, but no matter. A good night out though one of her friends was getting worried that I could spot him for the Secondary school teacher that he used to be.

Word of the evening was 'cheeky' as in the wine we bought to the BYO Indian restaurant.
By the way all of Greta's friends are Insane.. They are fantastic..

Like one of them was on a tram getting weird looks off this annoying idiot and then (the idiot that is says) what are you looking at.. She then turn around and says "you, you fashionable c*nt" and promptly hops off the tram...Class!
We relaxed later on a local bar called the comfy chair and headed to the back lounge area to avoid the bad singing of the guitar player in the bar. It has to be admitted by the end of the night I was slightly hammered, Wine, curse your inebriating ability!

Great Ocean Road
Today would be My first and hopefully not my last Australian road trip.
The crew was Myself, Greta, Matt, Amy and Jean. Amy and Jean joined in to the trip at the curry night the night before.

Highlights of the day consisted of going to the TV series 'Round the Twist' lighthouse.
Seeing a lingerie shop called: Fishy nickers
Going to Erskine fall and Bells beach.
Eating our picnic lunch outside a run down antique shop with a porch.. Since it was tipping down with rain.

Rushing back to town to make sure Amy got to her Dinner appointment.
We slumped back to Greta's and watched Bottle Rocket, the first Wes Anderson (royal tennenbaums) film.
Sleep beckoned soon after.


Thursday was to be a trip out of the city and a stay at a hostel, as we were going to see the mini penguins of Philip Island.
Certain things however prevented this from happening.

Primarily the stupid woman who runs the Hostel said that if we grabbed the bus at 3.40pm we would get there in time to see the penguins.. She was wrong of course! It was 4 hour Journey and by the time we got there .. The sun had set and the penguins had come into nest.

So Instead Greta and myself, sat around the hostel, Playing Pool badly, drinking wine and finding an obscure board game called Global Pursuit... Which we proceeded to play. We kinda made up our own rules for it as the game progressed.

Undetered by the previous nights disaster we hired some bicycles and headed to the penguin parade to see what we could see in the day time. It was a 12 km run and a tough one at that. I ask the hostel woman if there was jills she said yes but not too bad... Again she was monumentally wrong.

I was having a hard time of it but Greta couldn't cope and headed back hlf way through.. I preserved and got there! I rule! Any way I got a chance to see inside some of the nest boxes and checkout the nesting penguins... Another Australian animal I can tick off my list.

Back to town met with Greta again and then It was back to Melbourne where I got my Japan rail pass, and where I promptly left my Credit card behind!! Yes it was a bit of a panicky night as i didn't realize it for 6 hours and was flying to Singapore.

But before all that I headed to a special Screen if the proposition.. a film written by Nick Cave, of Nick cave and the Bad seeds Fame. After the film there was a special Q & A with the director , Nick Cave and wait for it Guy Pearce the star of the film.... Easy ladies.. I don't have his Phone Number.

A nice little film at any rate.

After the film Panic struck in as I realized I Couldn't use my card.. As I didn't have one... Thankfully over the course of 2-3 hours it all got sorted and I was financially solvent again.
Phew does not begin to describe it!
the end

Ps flew to Singapore the next day and that was two days ago... Almost up to date with this bloody thing!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

On the subject of sweat..

Bloody hell....

This is one damn hot and humid country....! Hotter and more humid than either Fiji or south carolina. Ihave had 2 showers allready today.. and I can garentee I will be getting 2 more!

it is 33c in the day and 27 at night... it is insane.

I doubt there are pigs in singapore that are swaeting as much as I am at this moment in time...

Check out what wikipedia has to say on the subject of sweat:

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Number five is alive

Yes I am alive and surving in a sweaty place known as singapore. why would a country on the equator be this hot???

Erskine falls road trip gang

Erskine falls road trip gang
Originally uploaded by Gaetanlee.
A last photo from my archive of my Road trip down the great ocean road and the crew that did it...



Hard core blogging

From the Airport in Melbourne I generate my last Australia blog post. talk about bl;ogging as Greta Described it. I can now report that I am now Financial stable again.. After last night's disaster. And A big thanks to my parents (dad) for sorting it out. I am bow ready for Singapore and Japan... And all the treats they hold in store for me... If you wish me to get you duty free and/or gifts from Japan... Tell me now! Because I need to know...

One thing I will be doing in Singapore is going to the Raffles hotel and having a Singapore sling.. Or as My friend Alan put it so delicately I will be a dick...Cheers mate! Let me know how things are going back int he UK as I will be back all to soon. With a photo album that es on anything you have seen before!!!

Heh heh.... First the tropics then Northern Hemisphere here I come...

Friday, September 30, 2005

Last Blog for a while

Ok so here is the deal I have had One Kickass time In Australia due in part (in a large Part) to tall the fantastic people I have met.

Greta has been a star for the past week here in Melbourne so visit her site

Just this morning we had a lazy think in and came up with a genius idea for a short film about a girl who has soap for arms...

Yes I will be writing it soon

And they say the drugs don't work

More importantly I fly to Singapore today, for 2 days then off to Japan. Talk about crazy! I have a rail pass for Japan that will let me travel any where in japan for 1 week!

So Since I don't know when I will be able to Blog again in the immediate future let me just say that I am still alive, well and fit (cycled 24KM yesterday... Long story).

Any way... Will catch you all later.

and if any one can find me a job by the time I get Back I would be grateful!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Some new photos up online now

Just to say that I have now loaded up a new images to my Flickr account.
Check them out:

Sydney - Part 2
Canberra- Australia's capital
Great ocean road Day trip


Ahh this is so good I am now getting virtually up to date here!

Ok so I spent about 4 days in all in Canberra and obviously the main reason for this was to visit Questacon, THE Australian Science centre.

Day 1:
It was an early bus that left around about 8.00 am, especially with the night before being my last night in Sydney. But it did get in to Canberra at about 12.00. it had been a while since I had carried so much stuff with me.

Mainly since I had the opportunity to store stuff with kath and Emma I had been traveling light down the East Coast. Since I had Not heard from my contact in Canberra/Questacon, I booked into the Hostel accommodation for 2 nights I knew I would probably stay more than that, but at least it meant that it was out of the way.

I do believe that I bummed a little bit around town all day and then promptly found myself falling asleep at 20.00. but not before I made contact with Lish and arranged to meet up with her the next day.

Day 2:
The morning saw me going to the local park where they had a flower competition/display on. All very nice but the weird and the cool bit was finding a gnome coloring/painting competition. Schools and businesses had submitted a load of rock and roll inspired gnomes... My favorite was this kiss one.

But the afternoon was more important than kiss ( I know what a thing to say!). That was of course me Visiting Questacon. It was great to see Lish Again. I hadn't seen her since London just before I quit my job there.

Any way she got me into the science centre and I got the chance to look around the centre, it is so good they have genuinely good interactives. Ones that actually get people to think. But enough of my old shop talk. In the afternoon they gave me the chance to use the internet and talk to some of the teams there. They indigenous communities programme is pretty amazing, I would so love to be involved with that programme.

Lish then lent me one of her cycles for the night and before I headed back to my hostel we had a quick pint at her local. Oh and some great beer batter chips!

Day 3:
The previous day I had agreed to do a talk for a questacon about adult programming and the Dana centre. So at 12.oo at sat down at a computer terminal and about 1 1/2 hours later I had Put together an amazing 24 slide power point presentation. I then gave a 40 min presentation of what they should and shouldn't be doing as well as an amazing history of the Dana centre Project.

What was most amazing was the fact that after not having been working at the place all the information was still in my head like a form of brain washing.

Then I was introduced to the Director of Questacon, Graham Durant, who I had a beer with up in his office, talk about classy.

The evening saw me having a lovely meal with Lish and one of her friends who worked at csiro, another science communication place in Canberra. I was good to have a good old gossip about Science communicators in the UK. Then It was off to a local folk playing bar for a quick bevy. Then to sleep at Lish's House for one night. Lish was kind enough to let me stay at hers and it meant I did not have to spend more money at a hostel.

Day 4:
Ok time for some serious tourist stuff around Canberra on what was to be My last day. I went and headed to the New parliament buildings as well as the old one and the portrait gallery.

I saw an Exhibition of Cecil beaton Photos as well as some thing about foreign reporting by ABC.

Ahhhh the culture flowing through my veins.

It was a late night Bus to Melbourne and got there the following day at 07.30 in the morning!phew

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

OK I am going to get this one done quickly

A week in Sydney.

For the purposes of trying to drag this blog some where relatively near to where I am time wise. I am going to purely write up the highlight of my last days in sydney before I headed off to Canberra and the south.

The only problem Is that I did not keep the extensive notes that I should have on my time there so this will have to be brief.

  • Went to the Maritime Museum.
  • Spent loads of time in the Global Gossip on george street doing net stuff
  • slept badly on the overnight bus from Byron bay and arived wasy to early 5.00am
  • Last two days Angelika caught up with me again and we did loads of tourist stuff
  • Had an amazing dinner/night out, in Darling Harbour
  • Crashed at Kath and Emma's again
  • Went to see the Syndey Football/soccar team play (they have Dwight Yorke)
  • Got into a free Architects party (with a free bar) and huddled underneath the heater all night
  • Went to the top of the brick pylons on the sydney harbour bridge.
  • Purchased a cheesy $100 bill design towel from Paddy's market.
  • Went to the old observatory in Sydney.
  • Said goodbye to Angelika, My semi travelling companion of the east coast, I was heading to Canberra, She was flying back to Switzerland from syndey.... Boo hoo.

  • Left for Canberra

I am sure there was more stuff that I did, but to be honest I don't have the time to go into all of it now. So I will leave it as written above.If you want o know more ask me when I get back.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Byron Bay

Sept 12 - Day 20
Phew getting through this so well This was the day I went surfing then left for an over night bus to sydney.. So since I already have written about this I can skip to the next day. hooray! I have so much to write up on this damnable blog.

Brisbane leaving

Day 19 - September 11th
So I Had the morning of doing pretty much doing exactly what I had been doing the night before. Absolutely bugger all. I knew Angeleika was getting into town for about lunch time, but that I was also going to be heading on at about 17.00. Which was cool because it meant I got to spend time with some one I knew. I did However see this Psycho old guy who was annoying everyone in Noosa. And pretty much looked like he was doing the same thing again in this hostel as well.

Lunch was at an Irish pub and a cold pint of Guinness was exactly what I needed. After walking around town and going through the Botanical Gardens with Angelika. We suddenly realized that I might miss the Bus. it was Like Magnetic Island all over again. it was a mad dash across town to collect bags, then to the bus terminal with 5 min to spare. Phew....

Byron bay was the next destination for me, I wouldn't bump into Angelika until a week later in Sydney. When arriving at the hostel was a little bit out of town so myself and two French people had to call them to collect us. It was not a nice hostel. Especially when I got the room I put down my bags and put some stuff on the bed. Then later on I went back to my room and there was someone sleeping in it.

I found out that the miserable bastard who was at reception had given me the wrong key. What an idiot.


Any way got to sleep after watching Australian Idol.. Though my sense of taste and culture felt sullied.

Brisbane Bound

HPIM1695Day 18 - 10th Sept
After all the time in Noosa it was time to head on tothe next destination. Bisbane. Angelika was going to stay there for a day extra so as to able to go to the australia Zoo.

I myself was off brisbane for one night only. I had a free night there with my package deal for the whole of this leg of the travels. I did not care much for doing anything big in the city since i have allready done a big city llike sydney and also I knew I would be spending time with Greta in Melbourne.

I basically got to the city and spent a good 2 hours uploading and blogging.
I really should have moe to report on this but it was a day of nothing ness. I spent the evening watching a bad UK film called Purely Belter. It was around this point in time that I was starting to realise that my shoes where starting to get a bit funny.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I like to ride my Bicycle.

Day 17 - September 9th
We had a plan Angelika and myself, we wanted to cycle around town and see some more of te coastline. With outhe ability or legal right to hire a car we went for hiring bikes. which at $15 for the day was a bargin.

We headed out early and cycled west first of all andsaw some of the great house's that I am sure cost a bomb. Noosa is also known for it's fine dining/cuisine and witheh restaurants we saw along the way that would not surprise me.

Unfortuntely we made a sort of a wronf turn and we spent about 1-2 hours going through the less nice side of Noosa. The area where all the building centres are. But we did get back to the nice part fo town ad go around some nice bits of parks. A quick stop at coles to collect our lunch/picnic.

Off to the end of the spit of Noosa Beach. An afternoon spent just lazing in the sun... In fact i lazed out so much that I fell asleep. Angelika took advantage of this to cover me in sand. Lovely.

I prepared another dinner for us and yet again (unintentionally it was pasta again, how mundane) and we jsut had alvely night together watching noosa from the balcony of the hostel.

New day

Day 16 -8 September
Again there was not much to do early in the morning so I sat and read some more Of Henry Miller. I knew that Angelika would be coming along at about 10.00am and that after having got an over night bus would be completely out of it.

Went down to meet her at the bus stop and helped her carry the stuff up to the hostel. It has to be said it is good to have a semi-traveling companion for this part of Australia.

Angelika was pretty much ready and raring to hit the beach early on. So we grabbed some boogie boards and headed for Noosa beach.

Though unlike Aeirlee and magnetic island it was now m turn to be un tired and listless. Which did eventually get to the point were there was a sand fight... I lost... i had sand in every part of my body.

One of the best things about the hostel in which I stayed was the fact they had deal sand coupons for all over town. This included the ice cream parlor. I did not think it was possible to eat too much ice cream... But I think I did at this place..ow ow ow.

the next stop during the afternoon was the national park (again for me) but for angelika the first time. it was a beautiful walk along the coastline mainly because we could tick off more animal that we had seen wild in Australia. Out in tea bay there was a pack of Dolphins swimming around, Koalas hanging around, possums moving through the trees and wild turkeys all over the place.

On the way back I took some amazing pictures of the sunset that I won't ever forget.. The sun turned to this tangerine orange as it set over the sea and sand.

Back at the hostel it was an evening filled with the following
1/2 bottle of shiraz
Pool games
Table football (I want one for my own house)
a shooter cocktail
and about 2hrs of playing the card game shit head with some of the English crew in the hostel.

Sleep beckoned soon after.

New video

Just to let you know that I have created another video from my photos. This one is from Fiji and the music is a traditional fijian dance/song type thing... enjoy.

Friday, September 23, 2005


I should also just say that I have made it to Melbourne and am staying with hertill the end of the week and when I head to Singapore.

Next day

Day 15 - Sept 7
It was a quiet start , I pretty much just sat in bed listening to the news on my radio till about 9 in the morning, God i love being a news junkie.. If i can't get the radio it has to the newspaper... But i digress.

One of the good things about the hostel was that there was free boogie and surf board hire.

So we headed (Rhona and Myself ) headed to Noosa Beach, and spent the morning body boarding. It was a great wake up cure.. Revitalizes you.. After this we headed to the Hostel, Rhona then headed on to her next destination of Cairns.

Bummed around Noosa National park in the after noon and then in the evening I spent playing shit head with Richard/Donna and 2 other guys I have no idea what their names are. Better after some wine in my system.

Noosa bound

Day 13 - 5 September
It was an early bus for me to Noosa. Which involved watching.. Now for the 3rd time the brilliant film 'Bulletproof Monk'. The bad bit was that I missed out on saying goodbye to the great crew that i had on my fraser island trip. I think they were more of a laugh then the people on the whitsundays crew... But these things are always hard to judge.

It was 6 hours to Noosa and I arrived at 16.00, a little tired and disoriented. So I had a bit of a walk around town. I always find it a good thing to do on my first day in an area/town. It means that I get a feel for a place... And the feel I got was good.

In fact at about 17.00 I decided to have a dinner early and to use the some of the 5 avocados i bought for $2. But mainly I was little board. I did get talking to this one south African girl called Rhona, who was going to be around for a few days in Noosa. And we proceeded to do the whole travelers tales.. Where/what/how/who etc.

Day 14 - Sept 6
ow ow ow.
So last night I discovered that the YHA hostel in which i was staying in, had a cheap bar with wine at $14 so 2 bottles later and a glass of G and T later. I woke up at 6.30 am with a slight hangover slouched over the sofa up on the verandas. With Rhona on the other sofa. Apparently we had both fallen asleep from our wine the night before.

The irony is that I had paid for 3 nights to stay there and the first night there.. I froze my ass off on the sofa. Rhona was faring less well, and suddenly I get the memory that she is the worst... (worse than angelika) pool player i have ever seen

Any way the day had in store for me the Australia Zoo, home of Steve Irwin, Crikey.
A little bit about he zoo.. it is a fantastic zoo with some great demos but it does feel a little bit like the cult of Steve Irwin is a little bit all pervasive. And from an outsider kitsch perspective that is ok but.. it starts to become worrying afterwards.

It has to be said that there is a huge amount of development that has gone and still is going on at this visitor attraction. But it never misses a chance to sell something to us the visitor...

On the subject of Steve Irwin is exactly what he says he is. And that his upbringing has made him all he is now.

An once I had got back from the bus/ferry, that had taken us there and back, I did some food shopping and decided that I would like to stay in Noosa a litle bit longer. so I booked in an extra couple of nights. I had a feeling I would also be able to meet Angelika again despite the fact she was about 3 days behind. Spent sometime in evening just reading some Henry miller (Nexus) which I bought at the book exchange in Noosa

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Day 12- Sept 4

Forgot to mention that we had the rangers pop round us and let us know that the place in which we camped the dingoes... Where a little bit more 'aggressive' so we should throw stuff at them.

and in fact during the night we spotted some of them and did just that.

In the morning as we left our tent we saw that the dingoes had come round to our campsite and had tried to dig up the food that we buried close to our camp.

We only had a half together on the Island, so we headed nice and early to our final destination on the island Lake McKenzie. Yet again a beautiful sand filled fresh water lake...

On the way there we caught sight of this 1.5m long lizard just wandering around the lunch prep area.

HPIM1579In fact speaking of lunch, we had pretty much wiped out the food they provided us, so we improvised with the remnants of what was left.

But somehow we made do with Turkish bread with spaghetti hoops!

a ferry and drive later on the mainland we were back at the car depot to check that our car was ok.. And thankfully the only thing lost was a potato peeler. But while we were waiting we had a bit of a kick around with a football/wembley. But Jaime kicked it a bit to hard and now there is a cheap green football located on a industrial park roof in hervey bay.... :(

That evening our car crew went to the BYo Chinese restaurant with eat as much as you can buffet.. Talk about a bunch of gluttonous and drunk crowd...! White wine is my new poison. But it is so cheap over here. I stopped off briefly in the TV Room in the hostel and started to semi drift off in front of the TV.

I think I even woke myself up from a small snore I had just done.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Some more while I have the Internet

Day 11 - September 3.

It was an early start for me at 06:30am just missed out on sunrise. So the second day I went to the front of the 4x4 and become nominal navigator for the day our first stop was tthe champagne pools past indian heads.

It was the first time that we really got bogged down int he sand but not the last for that day.

A crazy bit of rock formation with volcanic metal with streams of pure steel/iron. I have no idea how it could form.. it messed with my geological head.

We must have spent about 2-3 hours there.. swimming and just chilling out with wembley.

Then off to K'gari camp ground to prepare our lunch. It was a Aboriginal camp and so no drinking of alcohol for us. At the camp though they did have tame dingoes just hanging around.

They even apparently feed them round the camp fire at night. So I can tick that animal off my list of aniamls from Australia.

We spent the night near lake Wabbby and joined up with another group of 4x4 car people. It was at this point that we had a 2-3 hour long conversation about fingering dingoes.

It was a weird and drunken conversation that the rest of the details couldn't possibly be revealed with out me getting censored or something. but i thinki took video of neil and the rest of the crew on my video phone saying stuff that was fairly explicit.