Friday, September 30, 2005

Last Blog for a while

Ok so here is the deal I have had One Kickass time In Australia due in part (in a large Part) to tall the fantastic people I have met.

Greta has been a star for the past week here in Melbourne so visit her site

Just this morning we had a lazy think in and came up with a genius idea for a short film about a girl who has soap for arms...

Yes I will be writing it soon

And they say the drugs don't work

More importantly I fly to Singapore today, for 2 days then off to Japan. Talk about crazy! I have a rail pass for Japan that will let me travel any where in japan for 1 week!

So Since I don't know when I will be able to Blog again in the immediate future let me just say that I am still alive, well and fit (cycled 24KM yesterday... Long story).

Any way... Will catch you all later.

and if any one can find me a job by the time I get Back I would be grateful!!