Wednesday, September 28, 2005

OK I am going to get this one done quickly

A week in Sydney.

For the purposes of trying to drag this blog some where relatively near to where I am time wise. I am going to purely write up the highlight of my last days in sydney before I headed off to Canberra and the south.

The only problem Is that I did not keep the extensive notes that I should have on my time there so this will have to be brief.

  • Went to the Maritime Museum.
  • Spent loads of time in the Global Gossip on george street doing net stuff
  • slept badly on the overnight bus from Byron bay and arived wasy to early 5.00am
  • Last two days Angelika caught up with me again and we did loads of tourist stuff
  • Had an amazing dinner/night out, in Darling Harbour
  • Crashed at Kath and Emma's again
  • Went to see the Syndey Football/soccar team play (they have Dwight Yorke)
  • Got into a free Architects party (with a free bar) and huddled underneath the heater all night
  • Went to the top of the brick pylons on the sydney harbour bridge.
  • Purchased a cheesy $100 bill design towel from Paddy's market.
  • Went to the old observatory in Sydney.
  • Said goodbye to Angelika, My semi travelling companion of the east coast, I was heading to Canberra, She was flying back to Switzerland from syndey.... Boo hoo.

  • Left for Canberra

I am sure there was more stuff that I did, but to be honest I don't have the time to go into all of it now. So I will leave it as written above.If you want o know more ask me when I get back.