Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Some more while I have the Internet

Day 11 - September 3.

It was an early start for me at 06:30am just missed out on sunrise. So the second day I went to the front of the 4x4 and become nominal navigator for the day our first stop was tthe champagne pools past indian heads.

It was the first time that we really got bogged down int he sand but not the last for that day.

A crazy bit of rock formation with volcanic metal with streams of pure steel/iron. I have no idea how it could form.. it messed with my geological head.

We must have spent about 2-3 hours there.. swimming and just chilling out with wembley.

Then off to K'gari camp ground to prepare our lunch. It was a Aboriginal camp and so no drinking of alcohol for us. At the camp though they did have tame dingoes just hanging around.

They even apparently feed them round the camp fire at night. So I can tick that animal off my list of aniamls from Australia.

We spent the night near lake Wabbby and joined up with another group of 4x4 car people. It was at this point that we had a 2-3 hour long conversation about fingering dingoes.

It was a weird and drunken conversation that the rest of the details couldn't possibly be revealed with out me getting censored or something. but i thinki took video of neil and the rest of the crew on my video phone saying stuff that was fairly explicit.