Saturday, September 10, 2005


So I am back in a major metropolitan city so Rather than visit the museum etc ... I thought I would have some down time and sort out some internet stuff.... Fear not I will try to do some tomorrow.

I have uploaded a load of new photo's to my Photo site at Flickr...Check them out here
Let me briefly summarize my trip so far... I have a full version that will come soon.. When I have 5-10 hours to write it all up... Maybe when I am back in Sydney staying with Emma and Kathryn.

Flew to Cairns... And did nothing there.. It was merely a stop off point for my next destination of

Townsville: spent 2 days on this idyll, made friends with Magalie and Angelika, nearly missed the bus to tak eus the main land ferry to take me to.

Aerlie Beach: traveled down with magalie for the day and the night. For one night where I met with some of the Irish guys and gals I would be spending the next part of my trip on the boat round the whitsundays.

Boat trip: on a boat called krackerjack... Lots of drinking and good times and good people. Even bumped into magalie from the other boat trip she took. Had a blast for 3 days then

Back to Aierlie Beach for one more night then bumped into Angelika again. Spent an afternoon discussing the merits of spoons.

Grey hounded over night to hervey bay then Did some new clothes shopping... So needed. Met up and was briefed on the Fraser (all made of sand) island

the one more night in Hervey bay hostel before leaving for Noosa

Recommended to me by a variety of travellers... Stayed there for 5 nights!!! And slept in my bed on 4 of the nights.. (one on the Sofa). damn the cheap white (but Tasty) white wine. Went to Australia Crikey zoo (home of the Steve Irwin crocodile Hunter) Angelika was down again for a day which was cool.

Arrived in Brisbane ... Um now. And I am desperate need to sleep so I will mainly do doing nothing tonight!! on a saturday I know.

so check out my selection of photo's from the trip so far... Thankfully I purchased a large memory card to take so many more as well... Oh the slide shows I will be able to do.

main trip blog to follow in about a weeks time.