Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Saturday 27-28th August- before the boat

Ah so where was I up to.

Saturday 27th - Day 4
After having bummed around the beach on horseshoe bay for about 3-4 hours before our bus was due to leave. first of all with Magalie then afterwards with Angelika. we sat down around 12 ish in the bar and had a glass of wine, I had a feeling we were too relaxed possibly. Then magalie and myslef, after a while suddenly looked around and saw the bus, that should be taking us to the ferry, . We had that 10 secs of looking at the bus leave with out us then we looked at each other and just shook our heads.

There was then the desperate panic as we booked a taxi to get us to the ferry, the Taxi driver was from Rhodesia (not Zimbabwe apparently). Thankfully there was no problem.. we got the ferry with plenty of time then the grey hound afterwards heading towards our next stop Aeirlee Beach.

As I was to find out later out it kept Angelika amused for hours. Apparently it was the expressions on our face. The greyhound film of the day was 50 first dates. A pretty good funny rom com.

At 18.00 Magalie and myself rock up to town eager to find out where and what she can book for here own boat trip (mine was allready organised). The dorm room was allready filled with some gals and guys from Ireland. And as I found out they were also going to be on the same boat with them... "krackerjack" for the next few days. Any way we spent the night with them kciking back a couple of Gin and Tonics, and then we headed to Magnums the local bar.

Sunday 28th August - Day 5

the boat was not due to leave till 16.00. So we had time to chill out and also to organise myself. Since for the next few days I would not have access to anything communications based. I had to transfer my gin to a plastic bottle, well what was left. Went to the local book exchange and got myself two boks... one for the intellect, one trash.

Ernest hemmingway: A death in the afternoon
Robin Cook: chomosome 6

But as I had said previously the main reason for getting these was that it was getting very annoying that everyone and thier dog was bloody reading Dan Brown's books.

Anyway I headed off with the irish outside Magnums to the quay and to our boat. Magalie was to do her ownday trip the following day.

Actually we were all quite anxious about the weather during the day as it was looking overcast. On the boat we had a roughas helll time getting out to the whitsundays. We had 1-2 metre waves hitting us, sending one way and the other on the boat.

We had a couple of people (we were 16 in all, including 4 crew) getting a fair bt seasick and then they proceded to throw up overboard. apparently the winds were 30 knots... what ever that means.

I found that standing up was the best option and just adjusting myself tothe shifting of the boat. But when we got to the islands the waves calmed down and I had a ralaxed and good night's sleep. I reckon it was the gentle rocking of the boat once anchored that helped.