Monday, May 30, 2005

Forgot to Add

That on Saturday I went cycling. I did about 25 miles, which is mainly because I got lost and once you start traveling on a road around here you can be traveling along it for 2-3 miles before there is a real turn off. It took me 2 hours it had a me a little worried but in the end the route I had taken was nearly exactly the route I had planned to.

I'll say this again probably some of the roads are absolutely fantastic to cycle on, beautiful rivers/forests/swamps, but some of them are just plain scary. Just imagine trying to turn to the left when all about you are big effing trucks!

and on top of it while I was in the middle of the ride, still slightly lost, this big storm started to loom over Florence. Which was kinda of worrying since I was in shorts and t shirt. And when storms hit here there is rain... And more rain and thunder and lightning. So I worried about being stuck in a middle of nowhere and hiding under some diners partial roof, soaked and knackered.

But thank fully it all ended well,

Oh one more thing, you gotta love cycling and suddenly getting a sniff of rotting carcass, in advance of seeing the animal crushed and gouged on the road.



Night club and myrtle beach

Saturday night.
After Andrew and mark got an invite to a party of someone they knew around here, Mark, Debs and I headed to a Sandy Bottoms.

Oh dear god.

It is a members only club. Something to do with some local state law about it being open on Sunday morning. First off the most important thing which was the drinks where so damn cheap. But the DJ sucked ass and it was filled with only locals. At one point of the evening they put on hey ya/outkast, the type of song that should get everyone dancing but zip... a nuclear payload of a song and pretty much the dance floor was dead.

The only people dancing where some 40 somethings with skins like oranges. Loads of barbie dolls in their early 20s with boyfriends/husbands/meatheads. Though there was one girl with legs up to her armpit who could really move... Up and down. But it was a rare sight in a dull evening we could only watch on.

Such a shame the big university crowd that would usually make this place buzzing are away. After sitting on the sidelines till 02.30 in the morning, we headed home.

Sunday morning
We all knew that it was going to be hot day here in South Carolina so we headed again to Myrtle Beach. To just chill out at the beach.

We had to head out at 09.00am, which after getting in so late the night before was little bit tough... I might have been a little bit hung over! On the way there we stopped of at an edifying obelisk of fluorescent consumer's.

This is an amazing place. Where you can buy everything from hermit crabs to salt taffy to $1000 worth of fireworks... Guess which one I would be interested in.

so we got to the Beach. Lovely beach over here and not too many annoying screaming children. Though that is mainly because it was a state park and people have to pay to use it. and all the 'common people' can't be bothered with that.

I only partially got burnt on my back which is going to deveop nicly inthe next few days. And since it was a state park it had some real wild life like these alligators.

After the beach we headed into town.. First of all to the Tanger Factory outlet shopping. Then to get some food from the Myrtle beach grill.

This place had a happy hour so a dozen gorgeous steamed oysters and 2 beers cost me only $8. And after one last wander round an american version of Margate we headed back to florence.

Now the hard work begins as from tomorrow we have to set up and run workshops in schools for the next three weeks! The strange thing will be is how the teachers will deal with me, will they be ready? heh heh...

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Greta challenge

Greta has passed on to me a challenge to write up what are the:

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me

now this is going to take some serious thinking... so i will get back to you all tomorrow when i am a bit more sober.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Friday at Myrtle beach

Friday: Day

have been finishing up the activities we will be running with the teachers next weekband we have a been packing up the big ex military mobile lab truck with our activities.

Friday night

We just headed out to Mrytle beach for friday night.
It is a just over an hours drive from the florence where we have been staying.

After last week's biker week which was almost excluivley white old ugly guys on harley's. Last night was the start of black biker week which had a huge amount of the more japanese type bikes around the place... but the universal thing between both weeks was the fat chicks looked bad no matter what bike they where riding.

Out on the town last night was Perry/Colleen/Debs/Andrew/Mark and yours truly.

It was a mammoth night of a load of different bars. We kicked off with fantastic sushi at Myabi a Japanese steak house in town.

Since it was black biker week apparently the white poeple stay away from town. So when we went to Greg Norman's australian grill it was pretty empty. Perry and mark decided to smoke cigars. At $12 each, i got a sweet cigar that was about 1 1/2cm thick, nice and so decadent.

We hung out outside of the bar by the river, where in the veranda the little christmas lights where attracting insects and with insects comes loads of tree frogs.

Apparently the hookers in the these type of fancier bars dress very conservativly so not too much cleavage.

After this we headed to the Martini Bar where i decided, unwisely, to have aa wtaer melon Martini. I twas like some one had forcibly rubbed a pack of star burst into my gums... Way to sweet.

We all decided that the bar sucked so we then headed to the Dueling Pianos. Ok here is the concept of this bar. Just like a pino bar there are pianists up on stage playing music.. and for about $20 you can request a song. but evry now and then they have a play off between song.. and when they had 'New York, New York' vs some song about boston.. people where literally throwing money at teh stage in an auction fasshion as groups of people bid to have aone song rather than the other.. the pianists made... get this... $700 from the that one 'play off'.

Debsand I could help laughing when they started to play this song that has the line... it's great to be an american... and everyone has the hands up in the air.. then they took up on stage 2 guys that had just 'served' in Iraq (pronounced 'eyerack' here).

And in front of our eyes the girl here on the right had here pants pulled down. By apparently her boyfriend. I reckon it was only us that could see this from up on the balcony where we looking on in mild shock.

So after another 1 hr night's drive home most of us where dropping off.. though i was still wired. Mark, Andrew and I stopped off at Piggly Wiggly...

a 24 hour supermarket here. Just to buy some basics for breakfast for saturday morning. you gotta love the logo!

We have also decided to do an early run to work on monday morning so we can do a waffle house breakfast.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Work and pool

So the presentations Casandra and myself did went well.

Though we still have to try out the gel electrophoresis.

Last night we went out to the Star fire Grill with most of the rest of the team and with a few of Perry friends from town.

Actually before we headed out Mark and I watched most of 'Sideways', a fantastically funny film by the guy who did 'Election'. but we had another 30 mins to watch.

And after that we headed out to Shuckers a local bar which as loads of pool tables.

Perry was plying us with what smelt like cough medicine... In actual fact it is an amazing cockatil that I thought would never work... Jagermiester and red bull! You can't taste the Booze at all.

I have remebered how bad I am at playing pool. to ability at all!
below is a picture of perry and debs, Debs is a new memeber of our team here from Scotland. And a warning to Americans... she is not irish or south african or australian. It is a Scottish accent.

So this morning i find myself with a mild hang over... nice.

We have been talking about doing the following activities in the coming weeks:
Shoot guns
See Drag strip racing
Go and see the Dukes of Hazard fest in Tennasee
Hot a country and western bar in myrtle beech.

bring it on.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

What's up with you lot

Today I will be doing an inital presentation of the 7 or so workshops Cassandra and I will be running for next week (and the subsequent 2 weeks) for the teachers . So wish me luck on that. Some of the highlights include making a cell in a bag with sweets, getting kids to measure themselves and also extracting DNA from Kiwi fruit. Hmm that last one seems familiar.

Hey it would be good to hear from some of you guys over in London. Email me!

Oh and to show you some fun bloggers check out this link... it is very funny!

I've got a secret.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Monday - Tuesday

Because we are going to be workign the memorial day next monday, I had monday off, so ater the cycling bonanza of the weekend i decided to just stay in and do some more reading.

I have just started reading 'Don't know much about history' an abridged 600 pages of american history. I started of in the 1950 and am now up to watergate. I have passed over for the moment all the civil war/indepence stuff for the moment and in true anarchic fashion I will mix up the history of how I read about american history.

One thing I have been finding bizarre/worrying is the fact that news papers are not really available save for the USA Today and local papers. Apparently all the New York times/Washington Posts get delivered directly to houses so that means that people don't have much of an opurtunity to buy a range and depth of information.

Tuesday/Today was spent back at work preparing the curriculum standards for some of the work we will be running next week.

Here is a lovely snap I tok of Kings avenue one of the roads just a block away from the main road, Palmetto, that runs through Florence. Hey I don't have any other exciting photos at the moment.

And as from tomorrow I, 2 people will be joining me in the house here from Canada, Mark and Andrew... so I better get cleaning.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Pimp my Ride!

Today was spent siting out on the Veranda reading through Kevin smith (Silent Bobs) Collected essays... a great book and I went through it in one day! Very funny. so much so that I checked out Kevin Smith's own blog.. check it out for your selves.

Silent Bob Speaks

Today I also spent some time (1-2 hours) cycling around the town of Florence. And I now have a handle on what is where etc. It does take a while to get used to and some of the roads are kinda of busy and taking left turns does feel like I am taking my life into my own hands. But it has been good to get the road beneath me and get a feel of the town and what is here. I mean I am not going to complain about the ferrying round, which has been great, but now I am mobile and more active. And I get out of the flat here, get some sun and exercise.

Also watched tonight the MTV programme
Pimp my ride

A crazy as programme, in which they take rubbish cars and pimp them up.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

team/possum/biker video/cycling

OK first of all I thought I would introduce the rest of the team at ScienceSouth here in South Carolina.
From Left to Right:

Also today today was the day I went for a cycle ride in town not very far only 2-3 miles.. Just to get a feel for the road here and cycling on the wrong side of the road. Retha's husband has lent me one of his bikes for the next few weeks, an absolutley awsome bike. I'll say this taking left hand turn's in multi lane traffic is just a little bit scary, especially when you are a little bit unsure on a new bike.

And while cycling along to the cinema today to watch Star wars: Revenge of the Sith I caught this big old piece of road kill on my Mobile camera. A huge possum.
Not too much splatter!

Also I promised that I would post up some of the bikes I saw last weekend at Myrtle Beach. You will need to play these bike videos on Quicktime:


Friday, May 20, 2005

So cool

Tonight stayed in and watched the Season finale of CSI that was directed by Quentin Tarentino- it was absolutley amazing. One of the best episodes ever!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Other Blogger

I just want to introduce those of you who are reading my blog to a tavistock films mate of mine in Australia called Greta. She has a fantastic blog and some great website links... check it out. And no she isn't paying me. At least not yet!

useless florence facts

Statistics & Facts:

The population of Florence is approximately 29,813 (1990).
The approximate number of families is 11,790 (1990).

The amount of land area in Florence is 38.201 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0.066 sq kilometers.
The distance from Florence to Washington DC is 363 miles. The distance to the South Carolina state capital is 67 miles. (as the crow flies)
Florence is positioned 34.18 degrees north of the equator and 79.78 degrees west of the prime meridian.

Florence elevation is 149 feet above sea level.

for more fo this useless info check out here

full update - South carolina May 18 2005

Dear readers let me give you an update.

I have been saying as I had previously mentioned with some Perry and Colleen, not far from central Florence. But on monday the permanent accomadation became available.. the one that from monday next week I will be sharing with Andrew and Mark.

It is a 3 double bedrom House/falt... it rock's. Just under a hundred channels of TV. An ensuite bathroom, AC. The works I tell you, it MF'ing rorks.

I am currently sitting out here on the veranda,LIstening to Sammy Davis Junior- Mr Bojangles. typing and sipping a cold Michelob Honey LAger. Which is absolutley gorgouesly cold on a day like today.

As you can see from the picture the sun is about to set here and the temperature has not gone down below 85 F during the day. It is fantastic the weather here. Apologies for using the f word...farenhiet that is.. but it seems the easiest thing to do here.

Apparently the housing complex here has a pool and exercise room. Guess what I will be doing this weekend.

So this is the place where I will be staying for the next 4 weeks. I believe the phrase is ...Landing on my feet.

Now for those of you who talked about joining up with me in part of the american leg of the tour. I will be finishing work here on the 17th june. at which time there are a couple of options. If you can make it out to south carolina or one of the states nearby we can meet up and have some fun for a few days/weeks... if I get no word from people in the next week or two..

I might do a Trek America tour possibly from chicago to take me to san francisco, or something similar. I plan to be on the west coast of america from the start of July for about 2 weeks and then leave fo New Zealand soon after that.

And in Local News:

I did flick on the other night to the Baptist network. A TV channel here. Where they were attempting to debunk evolution. they had a dodery old man who was apperently a 'Space sciencetist' and he was on to talk about a few fossil forgeries. .then the presenter and him went on to describe how all human fossils where rubbish. I was fuming and just wanted to practically storm into the studio and burn the place down. It is so good to see america culture has had no impact on my violence levels.

For those of you want to know exactly what I am doing ( for those that don't though. I have been working with TJ and Casandra, 2 locals) in putting together some teacher training days. We will be running them in just over a weeks time for a total of three weeks.

Myself and Casandra have been set the task of coverig the Life sciences and over the past three days we have come up with some cool workshops. From teachers who do Kindergarten al the way up to grade 8 (age 11/12). It is coming along great. Will let you know how that all progresses over time.

Just a quick note to those of you who might be riding in any truck soon. What ever you do, never ever touch the exhaust pipes/smoke stack on a truck.. even a science truck... they get HOT!!!!!

As my elbow has learnt a harsh lesson.

Here abouts it has been Biker Week down at Myrtle Beach the local seafront. Which is immensly popular.I have never seen so many old men/chrome/fat chicks/country music/leather and occasional mullets in my life. I got some phots on my phone camera I will try to upload them later this week.

For those of you that care. The music I have been mostly listening to is Jem/Beth Orton/Damien Rice/Ray charles. fear not I have yet to be corupted by Country Music yet... I say the word 'yet' there but actually it means never!

On Saturday night we had a massive storm hit us in the area.. Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightning. we are apparently due an above average tornado season here in South Carolina. Hopefully I should be gone by then.

Couple of other things... apparently there is a film coming out this weekend here in the USA... I might go and see it. You never know.

Oh and I am loving the 2-3 sec blank lok americans give me as I respond to their questions and then their brain takes to figure out I ain't from around here... y'all

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hey there y'all

Just to quickly let you know that I am holed up at my fantastic new place which even has access to a pool and gym here in the aprtment complex... fuller blog entry to follow tonight! The work i am doing for Science south is really cool.

Oh and someone came to my site after searching on google for
"girls dancing on the bar video"

Monday, May 16, 2005


By the way I have just worked out that Jesus would probably get a tattoo.

I heard he was well into pircings, so...

Not much really

A nice quiet weekend this limos or anything...

So have been sitting back relaxing and just chillin out with dvds.

I have also put together another little music video to download.. it is is in WMV format which mac users might have trouble with. it is also about 5 mbs

Second video

Will give you a better up date tomorrow...

Later G.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Thursday- Saturday

So I have been working here for science south.. On Friday I help out working on the outreach at Dillon Christian school. Which was about 20 miles from the roche plant where we are based...

Science south does their outreach on this bad boy... an ex mobile lab with an expandable rear. It is very cool.

During the day I helped out with the starlab planetarium and then 2 sesions of the robots.

What was strange the was the Baptist chapel they had in one of our breaks while running the planetarium. They had a preacher talking to the entire of this private Christian high school about the choices the teenagers would make.

According to the preacher we should consider... Amongst other things:
What would Jesus do in a situation?

So would Jesus get a tattoo?

Answers on the back of a post card please...

I was utterly astonished when I went to a local burger king for lunch and found that even a little town like Dillon I could buy a Veggie burger! How cool is that.

Cool things in Florence

So just before I start on what I have been up to now I am in Florence South Carolina, let me first of all show you where it is.

this also neatly illustrates the places I have stayed or got off on the journey so far

New York
and finally Florence

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A full report

So I knew that I did not want to spend another night in a hotel and that my grey hound pass was going to expire so I thought I would head down over night to Florence SC from Richmond where I was.. The problem was that the next bus left at 12.30am that night.. and personally 12 hours stuck in a bus terminal is not my idea of fun by a long shot so I got on the 14.00 to Richmond to pass the time.. It was a stepping stone on the way to Florence.

In Richmond at 18.00 once I got there, I was wandering around outside the bus stop trying to get something to eat/drink/sit for 3-4 hours (my bus was due to leave at 23.00) I got recommended a bar to go to from a guy in a Volkswagen. After heading in the bar I bumped into this guy...Scott:

He had himself been traveling and was a construction worker who operated big cranes in town. He had been traveling what he called the old fashioned way by freight train across America. While he was telling me this he was puffin on the MJ. He had an 8 yr old son from his divorced wife who he rarely saw.. This was causing him some regret as he was getting to a point in his life where he felt he wanted family. But even he admitted that he still had the traveling bug in him.

So after chatting to him for a bit I headed in the original direction of the pub I was told about but instead found a gem of a place called the saucer

now this was a choice find... Talk about a range of beers they had over 100 different types! Not what I had been used to in sleepy suburban setting and no country music playing. I got chatting with Mark and Fay.
Mark was a photographer originally from Philly who told me that everything he watched the sopranos it was a bit too close to home for him since he used to live opposite to mob households.

Mark quick shout to you:have a good time in Italy.
Fay, enjoy the height restricted Japanese,

I grabbed the bus after many a nice beer (ok several beers) and went from Raleigh to Fayetteville. Where from 01.00am - 05.00am I had to sit and wait to go to the next town!!!

oh Dear god was that ever a long night in Fayetteville.. I just couldn't face having to shove out for another hotel! but still 5 hours from 01.00-05.00 is not my idea of a good time in a hick town.

All things considered I should have because it seems to me anyone south of Washington who works for grey hound is a complete idiot...

Never mind all that dull stuff I got to Florence and am now staying with Perry and Coleen of science south till next week. Yippee.. but now i am going to go to sleep... need to ...zzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

USA today

Virginia science museum was pretty cool as was the Poe museum. I had dinner in the 3rd street diner in richmond. ps chocolate & peanut butter cake is good! I would recommend the dinner to eveyone... it is

so after having a half pitcher of bud I would like to reflect on this and other towns.

I think in the UK we are spoiled in terms of towns/cities that have things going on In richmond and I think the same is true in washington/philly the cities where the banking/finance is going on, people don't spend any time in the, city there is nothing in the cities them selves no shops no restaurants or anything. And especially at weekends no one actaully comes into town. So most towns have become ghost towns with a souless feel to it all. I can imageine as people get more developed stuffed delived over the net, stores will become more irrelevent and the whole of a town.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Today - I will be mostly visiting museums

First off will be the:
Edgar Allen Poe Museum
& then
Virginia Science Museum

other things

Went on trolley tour bus in washington yesterday saw everything in Washington DC
Really liked George town!
um watched a great TV series here by Penn & Teller Called Bullshit. Bought a box set of it, that I will be sending back to london. You have to check out the show. It belittle and decries so much of the crud that people believe. I love it.

Also have realised that I must have walked about 30 miles during the week so far with the wandering round I have done in town. For instance in washington I must have done 12 miles of walking. Aand I only have one blister that I managed to stop before it got...squishy

Monday, May 09, 2005


Well i made it to Richmond, after waiting for 2 hours in the washington greyhound terminal.

The trip didn't take too long though just over 2 hours which wasn't too bad. but unfortunatley the bus terminal is 7 miles fromthe centre of town... what is that all about?

Any way I am firmly ensconsed in the hotel in the centre of town... and plugged into the net...

other things are coming back to me about saturday night... the girls where getting me guess thier bra sizes... thankfully i did quite well. At least that is what I remember.

Also have some more photo's around the capital/Washington here below:

yes these are tourist tat but it had to be done

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Oh I also went yesterday to the National air and space museum.

kinda of cool but far too many kids... which i sstrange considering i used to work in a museum.

They do have the orginal wright flyer, appollo 10 and several gemini/mercury capules. Which if you are a space/science geek like me is like totally WOW!


So I got to Washington and after walking around it during the day I decided that I needed to go out and have some fun during the evening.

Since in the mornig because the greyhound bus tok so long to get here i missed out on doing the improv class which really annoyed me!!!

Washington is one boring ass town.. all official buildings with names like dept of... and institute for... and this big white house. And on a Saturday it felt even more empty. Since none of the politicos are here just loads of ugly tourists.

So I decided to go out and do something much more like a walkabout night. Of ausie pub fame.

After checking out the local bars I headed to the coyote ugly bar... yep the one with the girls dancing on the bar.

check it out:

hmmm I wonder why I picked that one.

After talking to a couple of English people (Stephen & Chris???? I don't quite remember) on a rugby tour during the night who had been playing some American football playing beefcakes. When they left I went upstairs to the 1st floor and started chatting with a bunch of girls who were on a bachellorette party at the bar.

American batchellorettes are weird. They had a bunch of cards that had dares on them. I stopped short of them doing the one that said .. measure 'something' on a man. I stopped short of doing that, but I did have 2-3 girls including the girl to be married playing with one of my nipples. But I got in true spring break style some beads. Though I am sure it is meant to work the other way.

I now have a wrist band this morning from it.
Check out the card deck at

They had been earlier to a gay strip club and where riding around in a limo. So when they finished in the bar and where heading on they invited me along.

Guys let me tell you. There is nothing finer than spending time as the only guy with drunk 8 girls in the back of a limo around Washington DC.

Big shout out to Jen, Jen, Leslie, Megan and all the other names that for the life of me I can't remember the day after.

So we parted company at about 1.30 in the Morning since the groom at his party had passed out and since he had got stabbed 3 days earlier the bride went into a hysterical fit and wanted to head back to him... Not that she could have done anything anyway.

Oh well!

So today I am now:
Slightly hungover.
Slightly poorer.
A wristband on
Have a 2 sets of beads.

Man tequila is an evil drink!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Music video- the next level of blogging

I have been playing around with windows movie maker and for you viewing delight I have compiled a load of photo's from my trip so far into a music video.
The file is about 2-3 Mb so if you don't have broadband be preared to wait a bit to fully download it.

Click here to download

Of course this is a first attempt at this and the next few I make WILL BE better quality!

Friday, May 06, 2005


The strangest and compulsive thing when blogging is to try to work out from the stats you get, who people are and where they are from... for instance there are a few hits I have got from Canada and others in America that for the life of me I can't figure out why they are there.

so all you are left with is a sense ofmstery.. and frustration.


Thursday night:Talk about a hectic few days ahead of me...
I have to get the early bus to philly tomorrow morning in order to meet up with the people from the Franklin Institute.

Last night I went to the National comedy theatre here in new York and it was a nice fun night out... It should prepare me for the improve workshop I am going to do in Washington DC on Saturday morning at the DCImprovAny way back to the comedy night last night. It was a competition for the best sketch show team. Favorite ones was the mash esque show of a bnch of war veterans and all the problems they have.. Except these veterans were hobbits.

Friday afternoon.
What a lovely little journey this morning from NY to philly.. The grey hound bus was relatively empty and they showed on the 2 hour trip the last Kevin smith film jersey girl. Which I though would suck but didn't. This is the strangest city I have only managed to find one starbucks nearby.

Philly for those don't know is the city of brotherly love... Wink wink..Know what I mean...

and although I didn't have time to see it it also has a Edgar Allen Poe museum.

The museum was cool and I got shown around a little bit. They have some amazing programme of events here. What a shame I can't stay to check out some of them. Now the question becomes what shall I do for the evening here... since to get to Washington I have to get up at about 6.00 in the morning. In order to get the Grey hound to Washington which by the time it gets there will mean I will be running late for the improve comedy thing... but I am still going to try to get there on time.

No pictures today though I am still taking them. What I am going to do though... Or at least attempt is to put together a music video... If I can be bothered.

Ps today I was getting lubed by a girl called Molly... Nuff said.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

New day

So my first day and second day are shapeing up to be pretty similar. Sitting down at a laptop in starbucks...

Not entriley true. But it is nice and relaxing to sit in a cofee house in New York and just type away at a computer with nothing especially to do.

No but seriously the first day I was just wandering around town buying one or two bits of things that I needed, including a new digital camera.

look at these fantastic pictures I am taking..the sheer artistic endevour of my laptop in my room at the YMCA. watching a superman cartoon on the Laptop.

Getting nerdy for a bit.. the camera is great ... 6.1 MP and with 256 mem card. It was only $269.

As well as that I had lunch with a some people my dad works for.. they are an advertising art studio called 'The studio' here in New york. They treated me to lunch which in union square at a place that is best described as a bar meet diner. good food though

When I was in central park this morning a took a few better pictures as well.

This one is my favourite of Columbus moment. It actually looks good.

I have now booked my hotel in Philly and Washington for the weekend and tomorrow sees the start of the 7 day Greyhound adventure. I have managed to speak to someone at the Franklin institute in Philly... which is their Scince Museum there.

Actually this afternoon I am going to check out a Japanese exhibition here in NY. It consists of paintings, sculpture, and installations by acclaimed contemporary Japanese Neo-Pop artists. Check it out. It looks like it is going to be cool.

LITTLE BOY: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture

In the starbucks I am in today and was in yesterday I was talking to this girl whose name was actually Xena. And she was studying Fashion Merchandising at NYU. Come on now that isn't a serious degree is it?

As I am typing this I have the district boss of starbucks interviewing for new managers at the table next to me. I am watching all these pubescents squirming in the seats trying to come up with the right answers... heh heh

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Saw this.

Check out this link for a piece of truly boy jaw droppping technology...
I Pod mixer

Full update.

So I have arrived and I am currently typing this from a starbucks (the horror) but at least it has a fun vibe...

And I wonder what I can update poeple about...

First off the flight was excellent. Mainly because I had 3 whole seats to my self.

I did wonder about another passenger.. who appeared to be wearing a nice suit and bright blue tracksuit bottoms. go figure...

I still have yet to buy a camera. But that was because Dixons in the Heathrow aiport was intent on ripping me off. And having been to comp usa last night. I can see I was right to wait till I was here in the US before buying anything.

The inflight films I watched were Shark Tale, The Life Aquatic, Electra. I know that sounds not the most highbrow film... but as they say I wanted a popcorn fest on the plane

The Life Aquatic though is another fantastic film from the guy who did The Royal Tannenbaums.

Once I had got here though to the Ymca I knkew I wouldn't be able to get to sleep properly unless I satyed up late. So I went to watch Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. (not that good! Though it hasn't stopped me waking up the next day at 06.00. Curse this Jet lag today.

I did wake up with a crazy idea, from a dream haze, for a Sit com based on a bunch of B list Wrestlers. Men in lycra, fighting and travlleing, what else could you want .

Oh just heard about the idea of doing Barbeque Ice Cream on American breakfast tv. How does that work? See I am allready being sucked in by American TV.

Though there is joy to be had since I have seen they are showing the new series of family guy that has started over here.

I'm Here

ok just a quick post here as I have allready written a far longer account of my journey here on the ;laptop but i can' upload it here. I will upload it this afternoon. But I made it to New York no problems!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

currently in heathrow airport...

I have worked out why i dislike airpor departure lounges.. it is the constant beeping and wgiring from the cash tills here.... and another thing.. why is there allways a spors car to win in these places and more do they get them in. do sports cars need passports?


Monday, May 02, 2005

Man Alive

Talk about the crazy week from hell.. moving house and getting ready to travel to the USA and beyond...

I would have posted something sooner except that the net connection at my new house doesn't work yet!!!!


So I am writting this from the place all Saffas/Kiwis/Ozzies know well.. Shepherds bush...

I wonder if there is a walk about in New York? As i allways say you can't help but have a good time at a Walkabout Bar!

Tomorrow is it Ladies/Gentleman and what other lower life form you wish to describe yourself as.

Tomorrow is flying out day... ha ha ha

Will give a bigger badder bolder blog update from the Big Apple Baby! Any know any good wireless hotspots there let me know?