Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Full update.

So I have arrived and I am currently typing this from a starbucks (the horror) but at least it has a fun vibe...

And I wonder what I can update poeple about...

First off the flight was excellent. Mainly because I had 3 whole seats to my self.

I did wonder about another passenger.. who appeared to be wearing a nice suit and bright blue tracksuit bottoms. go figure...

I still have yet to buy a camera. But that was because Dixons in the Heathrow aiport was intent on ripping me off. And having been to comp usa last night. I can see I was right to wait till I was here in the US before buying anything.

The inflight films I watched were Shark Tale, The Life Aquatic, Electra. I know that sounds not the most highbrow film... but as they say I wanted a popcorn fest on the plane

The Life Aquatic though is another fantastic film from the guy who did The Royal Tannenbaums.

Once I had got here though to the Ymca I knkew I wouldn't be able to get to sleep properly unless I satyed up late. So I went to watch Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. (not that good! Though it hasn't stopped me waking up the next day at 06.00. Curse this Jet lag today.

I did wake up with a crazy idea, from a dream haze, for a Sit com based on a bunch of B list Wrestlers. Men in lycra, fighting and travlleing, what else could you want .

Oh just heard about the idea of doing Barbeque Ice Cream on American breakfast tv. How does that work? See I am allready being sucked in by American TV.

Though there is joy to be had since I have seen they are showing the new series of family guy that has started over here.