Saturday, May 28, 2005

Friday at Myrtle beach

Friday: Day

have been finishing up the activities we will be running with the teachers next weekband we have a been packing up the big ex military mobile lab truck with our activities.

Friday night

We just headed out to Mrytle beach for friday night.
It is a just over an hours drive from the florence where we have been staying.

After last week's biker week which was almost excluivley white old ugly guys on harley's. Last night was the start of black biker week which had a huge amount of the more japanese type bikes around the place... but the universal thing between both weeks was the fat chicks looked bad no matter what bike they where riding.

Out on the town last night was Perry/Colleen/Debs/Andrew/Mark and yours truly.

It was a mammoth night of a load of different bars. We kicked off with fantastic sushi at Myabi a Japanese steak house in town.

Since it was black biker week apparently the white poeple stay away from town. So when we went to Greg Norman's australian grill it was pretty empty. Perry and mark decided to smoke cigars. At $12 each, i got a sweet cigar that was about 1 1/2cm thick, nice and so decadent.

We hung out outside of the bar by the river, where in the veranda the little christmas lights where attracting insects and with insects comes loads of tree frogs.

Apparently the hookers in the these type of fancier bars dress very conservativly so not too much cleavage.

After this we headed to the Martini Bar where i decided, unwisely, to have aa wtaer melon Martini. I twas like some one had forcibly rubbed a pack of star burst into my gums... Way to sweet.

We all decided that the bar sucked so we then headed to the Dueling Pianos. Ok here is the concept of this bar. Just like a pino bar there are pianists up on stage playing music.. and for about $20 you can request a song. but evry now and then they have a play off between song.. and when they had 'New York, New York' vs some song about boston.. people where literally throwing money at teh stage in an auction fasshion as groups of people bid to have aone song rather than the other.. the pianists made... get this... $700 from the that one 'play off'.

Debsand I could help laughing when they started to play this song that has the line... it's great to be an american... and everyone has the hands up in the air.. then they took up on stage 2 guys that had just 'served' in Iraq (pronounced 'eyerack' here).

And in front of our eyes the girl here on the right had here pants pulled down. By apparently her boyfriend. I reckon it was only us that could see this from up on the balcony where we looking on in mild shock.

So after another 1 hr night's drive home most of us where dropping off.. though i was still wired. Mark, Andrew and I stopped off at Piggly Wiggly...

a 24 hour supermarket here. Just to buy some basics for breakfast for saturday morning. you gotta love the logo!

We have also decided to do an early run to work on monday morning so we can do a waffle house breakfast.