Wednesday, May 11, 2005

USA today

Virginia science museum was pretty cool as was the Poe museum. I had dinner in the 3rd street diner in richmond. ps chocolate & peanut butter cake is good! I would recommend the dinner to eveyone... it is

so after having a half pitcher of bud I would like to reflect on this and other towns.

I think in the UK we are spoiled in terms of towns/cities that have things going on In richmond and I think the same is true in washington/philly the cities where the banking/finance is going on, people don't spend any time in the, city there is nothing in the cities them selves no shops no restaurants or anything. And especially at weekends no one actaully comes into town. So most towns have become ghost towns with a souless feel to it all. I can imageine as people get more developed stuffed delived over the net, stores will become more irrelevent and the whole of a town.