Monday, May 23, 2005

Pimp my Ride!

Today was spent siting out on the Veranda reading through Kevin smith (Silent Bobs) Collected essays... a great book and I went through it in one day! Very funny. so much so that I checked out Kevin Smith's own blog.. check it out for your selves.

Silent Bob Speaks

Today I also spent some time (1-2 hours) cycling around the town of Florence. And I now have a handle on what is where etc. It does take a while to get used to and some of the roads are kinda of busy and taking left turns does feel like I am taking my life into my own hands. But it has been good to get the road beneath me and get a feel of the town and what is here. I mean I am not going to complain about the ferrying round, which has been great, but now I am mobile and more active. And I get out of the flat here, get some sun and exercise.

Also watched tonight the MTV programme
Pimp my ride

A crazy as programme, in which they take rubbish cars and pimp them up.