Saturday, May 14, 2005

Thursday- Saturday

So I have been working here for science south.. On Friday I help out working on the outreach at Dillon Christian school. Which was about 20 miles from the roche plant where we are based...

Science south does their outreach on this bad boy... an ex mobile lab with an expandable rear. It is very cool.

During the day I helped out with the starlab planetarium and then 2 sesions of the robots.

What was strange the was the Baptist chapel they had in one of our breaks while running the planetarium. They had a preacher talking to the entire of this private Christian high school about the choices the teenagers would make.

According to the preacher we should consider... Amongst other things:
What would Jesus do in a situation?

So would Jesus get a tattoo?

Answers on the back of a post card please...

I was utterly astonished when I went to a local burger king for lunch and found that even a little town like Dillon I could buy a Veggie burger! How cool is that.