Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Monday - Tuesday

Because we are going to be workign the memorial day next monday, I had monday off, so ater the cycling bonanza of the weekend i decided to just stay in and do some more reading.

I have just started reading 'Don't know much about history' an abridged 600 pages of american history. I started of in the 1950 and am now up to watergate. I have passed over for the moment all the civil war/indepence stuff for the moment and in true anarchic fashion I will mix up the history of how I read about american history.

One thing I have been finding bizarre/worrying is the fact that news papers are not really available save for the USA Today and local papers. Apparently all the New York times/Washington Posts get delivered directly to houses so that means that people don't have much of an opurtunity to buy a range and depth of information.

Tuesday/Today was spent back at work preparing the curriculum standards for some of the work we will be running next week.

Here is a lovely snap I tok of Kings avenue one of the roads just a block away from the main road, Palmetto, that runs through Florence. Hey I don't have any other exciting photos at the moment.

And as from tomorrow I, 2 people will be joining me in the house here from Canada, Mark and Andrew... so I better get cleaning.