Friday, May 06, 2005


Thursday night:Talk about a hectic few days ahead of me...
I have to get the early bus to philly tomorrow morning in order to meet up with the people from the Franklin Institute.

Last night I went to the National comedy theatre here in new York and it was a nice fun night out... It should prepare me for the improve workshop I am going to do in Washington DC on Saturday morning at the DCImprovAny way back to the comedy night last night. It was a competition for the best sketch show team. Favorite ones was the mash esque show of a bnch of war veterans and all the problems they have.. Except these veterans were hobbits.

Friday afternoon.
What a lovely little journey this morning from NY to philly.. The grey hound bus was relatively empty and they showed on the 2 hour trip the last Kevin smith film jersey girl. Which I though would suck but didn't. This is the strangest city I have only managed to find one starbucks nearby.

Philly for those don't know is the city of brotherly love... Wink wink..Know what I mean...

and although I didn't have time to see it it also has a Edgar Allen Poe museum.

The museum was cool and I got shown around a little bit. They have some amazing programme of events here. What a shame I can't stay to check out some of them. Now the question becomes what shall I do for the evening here... since to get to Washington I have to get up at about 6.00 in the morning. In order to get the Grey hound to Washington which by the time it gets there will mean I will be running late for the improve comedy thing... but I am still going to try to get there on time.

No pictures today though I am still taking them. What I am going to do though... Or at least attempt is to put together a music video... If I can be bothered.

Ps today I was getting lubed by a girl called Molly... Nuff said.