Sunday, May 22, 2005

team/possum/biker video/cycling

OK first of all I thought I would introduce the rest of the team at ScienceSouth here in South Carolina.
From Left to Right:

Also today today was the day I went for a cycle ride in town not very far only 2-3 miles.. Just to get a feel for the road here and cycling on the wrong side of the road. Retha's husband has lent me one of his bikes for the next few weeks, an absolutley awsome bike. I'll say this taking left hand turn's in multi lane traffic is just a little bit scary, especially when you are a little bit unsure on a new bike.

And while cycling along to the cinema today to watch Star wars: Revenge of the Sith I caught this big old piece of road kill on my Mobile camera. A huge possum.
Not too much splatter!

Also I promised that I would post up some of the bikes I saw last weekend at Myrtle Beach. You will need to play these bike videos on Quicktime: