Thursday, May 19, 2005

full update - South carolina May 18 2005

Dear readers let me give you an update.

I have been saying as I had previously mentioned with some Perry and Colleen, not far from central Florence. But on monday the permanent accomadation became available.. the one that from monday next week I will be sharing with Andrew and Mark.

It is a 3 double bedrom House/falt... it rock's. Just under a hundred channels of TV. An ensuite bathroom, AC. The works I tell you, it MF'ing rorks.

I am currently sitting out here on the veranda,LIstening to Sammy Davis Junior- Mr Bojangles. typing and sipping a cold Michelob Honey LAger. Which is absolutley gorgouesly cold on a day like today.

As you can see from the picture the sun is about to set here and the temperature has not gone down below 85 F during the day. It is fantastic the weather here. Apologies for using the f word...farenhiet that is.. but it seems the easiest thing to do here.

Apparently the housing complex here has a pool and exercise room. Guess what I will be doing this weekend.

So this is the place where I will be staying for the next 4 weeks. I believe the phrase is ...Landing on my feet.

Now for those of you who talked about joining up with me in part of the american leg of the tour. I will be finishing work here on the 17th june. at which time there are a couple of options. If you can make it out to south carolina or one of the states nearby we can meet up and have some fun for a few days/weeks... if I get no word from people in the next week or two..

I might do a Trek America tour possibly from chicago to take me to san francisco, or something similar. I plan to be on the west coast of america from the start of July for about 2 weeks and then leave fo New Zealand soon after that.

And in Local News:

I did flick on the other night to the Baptist network. A TV channel here. Where they were attempting to debunk evolution. they had a dodery old man who was apperently a 'Space sciencetist' and he was on to talk about a few fossil forgeries. .then the presenter and him went on to describe how all human fossils where rubbish. I was fuming and just wanted to practically storm into the studio and burn the place down. It is so good to see america culture has had no impact on my violence levels.

For those of you want to know exactly what I am doing ( for those that don't though. I have been working with TJ and Casandra, 2 locals) in putting together some teacher training days. We will be running them in just over a weeks time for a total of three weeks.

Myself and Casandra have been set the task of coverig the Life sciences and over the past three days we have come up with some cool workshops. From teachers who do Kindergarten al the way up to grade 8 (age 11/12). It is coming along great. Will let you know how that all progresses over time.

Just a quick note to those of you who might be riding in any truck soon. What ever you do, never ever touch the exhaust pipes/smoke stack on a truck.. even a science truck... they get HOT!!!!!

As my elbow has learnt a harsh lesson.

Here abouts it has been Biker Week down at Myrtle Beach the local seafront. Which is immensly popular.I have never seen so many old men/chrome/fat chicks/country music/leather and occasional mullets in my life. I got some phots on my phone camera I will try to upload them later this week.

For those of you that care. The music I have been mostly listening to is Jem/Beth Orton/Damien Rice/Ray charles. fear not I have yet to be corupted by Country Music yet... I say the word 'yet' there but actually it means never!

On Saturday night we had a massive storm hit us in the area.. Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightning. we are apparently due an above average tornado season here in South Carolina. Hopefully I should be gone by then.

Couple of other things... apparently there is a film coming out this weekend here in the USA... I might go and see it. You never know.

Oh and I am loving the 2-3 sec blank lok americans give me as I respond to their questions and then their brain takes to figure out I ain't from around here... y'all