Sunday, May 08, 2005


So I got to Washington and after walking around it during the day I decided that I needed to go out and have some fun during the evening.

Since in the mornig because the greyhound bus tok so long to get here i missed out on doing the improv class which really annoyed me!!!

Washington is one boring ass town.. all official buildings with names like dept of... and institute for... and this big white house. And on a Saturday it felt even more empty. Since none of the politicos are here just loads of ugly tourists.

So I decided to go out and do something much more like a walkabout night. Of ausie pub fame.

After checking out the local bars I headed to the coyote ugly bar... yep the one with the girls dancing on the bar.

check it out:

hmmm I wonder why I picked that one.

After talking to a couple of English people (Stephen & Chris???? I don't quite remember) on a rugby tour during the night who had been playing some American football playing beefcakes. When they left I went upstairs to the 1st floor and started chatting with a bunch of girls who were on a bachellorette party at the bar.

American batchellorettes are weird. They had a bunch of cards that had dares on them. I stopped short of them doing the one that said .. measure 'something' on a man. I stopped short of doing that, but I did have 2-3 girls including the girl to be married playing with one of my nipples. But I got in true spring break style some beads. Though I am sure it is meant to work the other way.

I now have a wrist band this morning from it.
Check out the card deck at

They had been earlier to a gay strip club and where riding around in a limo. So when they finished in the bar and where heading on they invited me along.

Guys let me tell you. There is nothing finer than spending time as the only guy with drunk 8 girls in the back of a limo around Washington DC.

Big shout out to Jen, Jen, Leslie, Megan and all the other names that for the life of me I can't remember the day after.

So we parted company at about 1.30 in the Morning since the groom at his party had passed out and since he had got stabbed 3 days earlier the bride went into a hysterical fit and wanted to head back to him... Not that she could have done anything anyway.

Oh well!

So today I am now:
Slightly hungover.
Slightly poorer.
A wristband on
Have a 2 sets of beads.

Man tequila is an evil drink!