Thursday, May 12, 2005

A full report

So I knew that I did not want to spend another night in a hotel and that my grey hound pass was going to expire so I thought I would head down over night to Florence SC from Richmond where I was.. The problem was that the next bus left at 12.30am that night.. and personally 12 hours stuck in a bus terminal is not my idea of fun by a long shot so I got on the 14.00 to Richmond to pass the time.. It was a stepping stone on the way to Florence.

In Richmond at 18.00 once I got there, I was wandering around outside the bus stop trying to get something to eat/drink/sit for 3-4 hours (my bus was due to leave at 23.00) I got recommended a bar to go to from a guy in a Volkswagen. After heading in the bar I bumped into this guy...Scott:

He had himself been traveling and was a construction worker who operated big cranes in town. He had been traveling what he called the old fashioned way by freight train across America. While he was telling me this he was puffin on the MJ. He had an 8 yr old son from his divorced wife who he rarely saw.. This was causing him some regret as he was getting to a point in his life where he felt he wanted family. But even he admitted that he still had the traveling bug in him.

So after chatting to him for a bit I headed in the original direction of the pub I was told about but instead found a gem of a place called the saucer

now this was a choice find... Talk about a range of beers they had over 100 different types! Not what I had been used to in sleepy suburban setting and no country music playing. I got chatting with Mark and Fay.
Mark was a photographer originally from Philly who told me that everything he watched the sopranos it was a bit too close to home for him since he used to live opposite to mob households.

Mark quick shout to you:have a good time in Italy.
Fay, enjoy the height restricted Japanese,

I grabbed the bus after many a nice beer (ok several beers) and went from Raleigh to Fayetteville. Where from 01.00am - 05.00am I had to sit and wait to go to the next town!!!

oh Dear god was that ever a long night in Fayetteville.. I just couldn't face having to shove out for another hotel! but still 5 hours from 01.00-05.00 is not my idea of a good time in a hick town.

All things considered I should have because it seems to me anyone south of Washington who works for grey hound is a complete idiot...

Never mind all that dull stuff I got to Florence and am now staying with Perry and Coleen of science south till next week. Yippee.. but now i am going to go to sleep... need to ...zzzzzzzzzz