Friday, May 27, 2005

Work and pool

So the presentations Casandra and myself did went well.

Though we still have to try out the gel electrophoresis.

Last night we went out to the Star fire Grill with most of the rest of the team and with a few of Perry friends from town.

Actually before we headed out Mark and I watched most of 'Sideways', a fantastically funny film by the guy who did 'Election'. but we had another 30 mins to watch.

And after that we headed out to Shuckers a local bar which as loads of pool tables.

Perry was plying us with what smelt like cough medicine... In actual fact it is an amazing cockatil that I thought would never work... Jagermiester and red bull! You can't taste the Booze at all.

I have remebered how bad I am at playing pool. to ability at all!
below is a picture of perry and debs, Debs is a new memeber of our team here from Scotland. And a warning to Americans... she is not irish or south african or australian. It is a Scottish accent.

So this morning i find myself with a mild hang over... nice.

We have been talking about doing the following activities in the coming weeks:
Shoot guns
See Drag strip racing
Go and see the Dukes of Hazard fest in Tennasee
Hot a country and western bar in myrtle beech.

bring it on.