Monday, May 30, 2005

Night club and myrtle beach

Saturday night.
After Andrew and mark got an invite to a party of someone they knew around here, Mark, Debs and I headed to a Sandy Bottoms.

Oh dear god.

It is a members only club. Something to do with some local state law about it being open on Sunday morning. First off the most important thing which was the drinks where so damn cheap. But the DJ sucked ass and it was filled with only locals. At one point of the evening they put on hey ya/outkast, the type of song that should get everyone dancing but zip... a nuclear payload of a song and pretty much the dance floor was dead.

The only people dancing where some 40 somethings with skins like oranges. Loads of barbie dolls in their early 20s with boyfriends/husbands/meatheads. Though there was one girl with legs up to her armpit who could really move... Up and down. But it was a rare sight in a dull evening we could only watch on.

Such a shame the big university crowd that would usually make this place buzzing are away. After sitting on the sidelines till 02.30 in the morning, we headed home.

Sunday morning
We all knew that it was going to be hot day here in South Carolina so we headed again to Myrtle Beach. To just chill out at the beach.

We had to head out at 09.00am, which after getting in so late the night before was little bit tough... I might have been a little bit hung over! On the way there we stopped of at an edifying obelisk of fluorescent consumer's.

This is an amazing place. Where you can buy everything from hermit crabs to salt taffy to $1000 worth of fireworks... Guess which one I would be interested in.

so we got to the Beach. Lovely beach over here and not too many annoying screaming children. Though that is mainly because it was a state park and people have to pay to use it. and all the 'common people' can't be bothered with that.

I only partially got burnt on my back which is going to deveop nicly inthe next few days. And since it was a state park it had some real wild life like these alligators.

After the beach we headed into town.. First of all to the Tanger Factory outlet shopping. Then to get some food from the Myrtle beach grill.

This place had a happy hour so a dozen gorgeous steamed oysters and 2 beers cost me only $8. And after one last wander round an american version of Margate we headed back to florence.

Now the hard work begins as from tomorrow we have to set up and run workshops in schools for the next three weeks! The strange thing will be is how the teachers will deal with me, will they be ready? heh heh...