Monday, May 30, 2005

Forgot to Add

That on Saturday I went cycling. I did about 25 miles, which is mainly because I got lost and once you start traveling on a road around here you can be traveling along it for 2-3 miles before there is a real turn off. It took me 2 hours it had a me a little worried but in the end the route I had taken was nearly exactly the route I had planned to.

I'll say this again probably some of the roads are absolutely fantastic to cycle on, beautiful rivers/forests/swamps, but some of them are just plain scary. Just imagine trying to turn to the left when all about you are big effing trucks!

and on top of it while I was in the middle of the ride, still slightly lost, this big storm started to loom over Florence. Which was kinda of worrying since I was in shorts and t shirt. And when storms hit here there is rain... And more rain and thunder and lightning. So I worried about being stuck in a middle of nowhere and hiding under some diners partial roof, soaked and knackered.

But thank fully it all ended well,

Oh one more thing, you gotta love cycling and suddenly getting a sniff of rotting carcass, in advance of seeing the animal crushed and gouged on the road.