Thursday, May 05, 2005

New day

So my first day and second day are shapeing up to be pretty similar. Sitting down at a laptop in starbucks...

Not entriley true. But it is nice and relaxing to sit in a cofee house in New York and just type away at a computer with nothing especially to do.

No but seriously the first day I was just wandering around town buying one or two bits of things that I needed, including a new digital camera.

look at these fantastic pictures I am taking..the sheer artistic endevour of my laptop in my room at the YMCA. watching a superman cartoon on the Laptop.

Getting nerdy for a bit.. the camera is great ... 6.1 MP and with 256 mem card. It was only $269.

As well as that I had lunch with a some people my dad works for.. they are an advertising art studio called 'The studio' here in New york. They treated me to lunch which in union square at a place that is best described as a bar meet diner. good food though

When I was in central park this morning a took a few better pictures as well.

This one is my favourite of Columbus moment. It actually looks good.

I have now booked my hotel in Philly and Washington for the weekend and tomorrow sees the start of the 7 day Greyhound adventure. I have managed to speak to someone at the Franklin institute in Philly... which is their Scince Museum there.

Actually this afternoon I am going to check out a Japanese exhibition here in NY. It consists of paintings, sculpture, and installations by acclaimed contemporary Japanese Neo-Pop artists. Check it out. It looks like it is going to be cool.

LITTLE BOY: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture

In the starbucks I am in today and was in yesterday I was talking to this girl whose name was actually Xena. And she was studying Fashion Merchandising at NYU. Come on now that isn't a serious degree is it?

As I am typing this I have the district boss of starbucks interviewing for new managers at the table next to me. I am watching all these pubescents squirming in the seats trying to come up with the right answers... heh heh