Sunday, September 25, 2005

I like to ride my Bicycle.

Day 17 - September 9th
We had a plan Angelika and myself, we wanted to cycle around town and see some more of te coastline. With outhe ability or legal right to hire a car we went for hiring bikes. which at $15 for the day was a bargin.

We headed out early and cycled west first of all andsaw some of the great house's that I am sure cost a bomb. Noosa is also known for it's fine dining/cuisine and witheh restaurants we saw along the way that would not surprise me.

Unfortuntely we made a sort of a wronf turn and we spent about 1-2 hours going through the less nice side of Noosa. The area where all the building centres are. But we did get back to the nice part fo town ad go around some nice bits of parks. A quick stop at coles to collect our lunch/picnic.

Off to the end of the spit of Noosa Beach. An afternoon spent just lazing in the sun... In fact i lazed out so much that I fell asleep. Angelika took advantage of this to cover me in sand. Lovely.

I prepared another dinner for us and yet again (unintentionally it was pasta again, how mundane) and we jsut had alvely night together watching noosa from the balcony of the hostel.