Friday, September 23, 2005

Noosa bound

Day 13 - 5 September
It was an early bus for me to Noosa. Which involved watching.. Now for the 3rd time the brilliant film 'Bulletproof Monk'. The bad bit was that I missed out on saying goodbye to the great crew that i had on my fraser island trip. I think they were more of a laugh then the people on the whitsundays crew... But these things are always hard to judge.

It was 6 hours to Noosa and I arrived at 16.00, a little tired and disoriented. So I had a bit of a walk around town. I always find it a good thing to do on my first day in an area/town. It means that I get a feel for a place... And the feel I got was good.

In fact at about 17.00 I decided to have a dinner early and to use the some of the 5 avocados i bought for $2. But mainly I was little board. I did get talking to this one south African girl called Rhona, who was going to be around for a few days in Noosa. And we proceeded to do the whole travelers tales.. Where/what/how/who etc.

Day 14 - Sept 6
ow ow ow.
So last night I discovered that the YHA hostel in which i was staying in, had a cheap bar with wine at $14 so 2 bottles later and a glass of G and T later. I woke up at 6.30 am with a slight hangover slouched over the sofa up on the verandas. With Rhona on the other sofa. Apparently we had both fallen asleep from our wine the night before.

The irony is that I had paid for 3 nights to stay there and the first night there.. I froze my ass off on the sofa. Rhona was faring less well, and suddenly I get the memory that she is the worst... (worse than angelika) pool player i have ever seen

Any way the day had in store for me the Australia Zoo, home of Steve Irwin, Crikey.
A little bit about he zoo.. it is a fantastic zoo with some great demos but it does feel a little bit like the cult of Steve Irwin is a little bit all pervasive. And from an outsider kitsch perspective that is ok but.. it starts to become worrying afterwards.

It has to be said that there is a huge amount of development that has gone and still is going on at this visitor attraction. But it never misses a chance to sell something to us the visitor...

On the subject of Steve Irwin is exactly what he says he is. And that his upbringing has made him all he is now.

An once I had got back from the bus/ferry, that had taken us there and back, I did some food shopping and decided that I would like to stay in Noosa a litle bit longer. so I booked in an extra couple of nights. I had a feeling I would also be able to meet Angelika again despite the fact she was about 3 days behind. Spent sometime in evening just reading some Henry miller (Nexus) which I bought at the book exchange in Noosa