Thursday, September 22, 2005

Day 12- Sept 4

Forgot to mention that we had the rangers pop round us and let us know that the place in which we camped the dingoes... Where a little bit more 'aggressive' so we should throw stuff at them.

and in fact during the night we spotted some of them and did just that.

In the morning as we left our tent we saw that the dingoes had come round to our campsite and had tried to dig up the food that we buried close to our camp.

We only had a half together on the Island, so we headed nice and early to our final destination on the island Lake McKenzie. Yet again a beautiful sand filled fresh water lake...

On the way there we caught sight of this 1.5m long lizard just wandering around the lunch prep area.

HPIM1579In fact speaking of lunch, we had pretty much wiped out the food they provided us, so we improvised with the remnants of what was left.

But somehow we made do with Turkish bread with spaghetti hoops!

a ferry and drive later on the mainland we were back at the car depot to check that our car was ok.. And thankfully the only thing lost was a potato peeler. But while we were waiting we had a bit of a kick around with a football/wembley. But Jaime kicked it a bit to hard and now there is a cheap green football located on a industrial park roof in hervey bay.... :(

That evening our car crew went to the BYo Chinese restaurant with eat as much as you can buffet.. Talk about a bunch of gluttonous and drunk crowd...! White wine is my new poison. But it is so cheap over here. I stopped off briefly in the TV Room in the hostel and started to semi drift off in front of the TV.

I think I even woke myself up from a small snore I had just done.