Sunday, September 25, 2005

New day

Day 16 -8 September
Again there was not much to do early in the morning so I sat and read some more Of Henry Miller. I knew that Angelika would be coming along at about 10.00am and that after having got an over night bus would be completely out of it.

Went down to meet her at the bus stop and helped her carry the stuff up to the hostel. It has to be said it is good to have a semi-traveling companion for this part of Australia.

Angelika was pretty much ready and raring to hit the beach early on. So we grabbed some boogie boards and headed for Noosa beach.

Though unlike Aeirlee and magnetic island it was now m turn to be un tired and listless. Which did eventually get to the point were there was a sand fight... I lost... i had sand in every part of my body.

One of the best things about the hostel in which I stayed was the fact they had deal sand coupons for all over town. This included the ice cream parlor. I did not think it was possible to eat too much ice cream... But I think I did at this place..ow ow ow.

the next stop during the afternoon was the national park (again for me) but for angelika the first time. it was a beautiful walk along the coastline mainly because we could tick off more animal that we had seen wild in Australia. Out in tea bay there was a pack of Dolphins swimming around, Koalas hanging around, possums moving through the trees and wild turkeys all over the place.

On the way back I took some amazing pictures of the sunset that I won't ever forget.. The sun turned to this tangerine orange as it set over the sea and sand.

Back at the hostel it was an evening filled with the following
1/2 bottle of shiraz
Pool games
Table football (I want one for my own house)
a shooter cocktail
and about 2hrs of playing the card game shit head with some of the English crew in the hostel.

Sleep beckoned soon after.