Monday, September 26, 2005

Brisbane leaving

Day 19 - September 11th
So I Had the morning of doing pretty much doing exactly what I had been doing the night before. Absolutely bugger all. I knew Angeleika was getting into town for about lunch time, but that I was also going to be heading on at about 17.00. Which was cool because it meant I got to spend time with some one I knew. I did However see this Psycho old guy who was annoying everyone in Noosa. And pretty much looked like he was doing the same thing again in this hostel as well.

Lunch was at an Irish pub and a cold pint of Guinness was exactly what I needed. After walking around town and going through the Botanical Gardens with Angelika. We suddenly realized that I might miss the Bus. it was Like Magnetic Island all over again. it was a mad dash across town to collect bags, then to the bus terminal with 5 min to spare. Phew....

Byron bay was the next destination for me, I wouldn't bump into Angelika until a week later in Sydney. When arriving at the hostel was a little bit out of town so myself and two French people had to call them to collect us. It was not a nice hostel. Especially when I got the room I put down my bags and put some stuff on the bed. Then later on I went back to my room and there was someone sleeping in it.

I found out that the miserable bastard who was at reception had given me the wrong key. What an idiot.


Any way got to sleep after watching Australian Idol.. Though my sense of taste and culture felt sullied.