Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Where was I.

Day 8- 31 August

Oh yes I was up to my time in the Aierlee beach in Queensland. Now after not doing much the night before apart from dancing like a fool till 12.30, I now had nothing to do All day till 20.05 when my grey hound would take me to Hervey bay. But I knew that Angelika would be getting back from her boat trip so I decided to meet up with her in the afternoon.

So up until then It was trip to the shops... Develop photos... And generally bum around on the beach.

Angelika turned up, around 14.00 and we had lunch together on the beach. A true back packer lunch involving a tomato, a French stick, a pen knife and pack of Philadelphia cheese. Sorted.

It was then that I infected her Swiss mind with the Spoon game. Where you start calling everything around you a spoon.

Yes, it is entirely possible that I have gone mad.
But a fun day none the less. Angelika came down to the bus with me, saw me off before heading out with her new friends from her boat trip. I then had to look forward to an overnight Bus trip to Hervey bay! Oh the Joy of trying to sleep in a space that is unsleepable. No matter how much you recline those chairs.

Day 9- 1 September
The next adventure.. Getting ready to visit Fraser Island.
I would be sleeping in the a hostel before we left the next day and have to have a briefing in the afternoon. But until then was again free time. So I went and did some much needed food and a little clothes shopping. Thankfully I have come to love the clothes (and prices) of Target over here.

Also having spent some time with people who had done the Fraser trip with the same company, I knew that the food they were going to give us would be basic and inadequate.. And I knew that I would want to eat well on the trip there.

But the best bit of info I had from people was that the briefing would be a little crazy.

Let me give you an example:

Breifing Guy: Whose vegetarian?
Gaetan Lee: I am
Breifing Guy: So do you eat tuna?
Gaetan Lee: No I don't eat Meat or Fish.
Breifing Guy: What about ham?
Gaetan Lee: That would come under the category of meat!

The guy leading the briefing was this utterly mad and scrooge like geyser who looked like a cross between Santa clause and Captain nemo. He had no charm and was constantly putting the fear of god into us about what we could and couldn't do on the island. And less about what we could enjoy about it. The part of my brain that used to deal with people and the public, had alarm bells going off like crazy and I had to resist telling him to develop a bit of charm! Not a people person.

The briefing was also a chance to meet with the rest of our Fraser crew before we headed in the unknown the next day. A good bunch of people it has to be said!

Devina/Steve, Sam/Jamie/Neil, Cornelia and Kev/Eamor

Day 10 - 2 September

Yes we were all looking forward to tea early start of 06.00 in the morning.

We all got loaded into our car. And Pretty quickly divided up who was going to be driving for the next 3 day/2 nights. I had already volunteered for guess what.. Yes that is right the cooking.

On the 30 min trip over to the Island we just lazed around on tea ferry soaking up as much sun as possible...

find out more about Fraser island here

The amazing thing about Fraser island though is that it is made entirely out of sand, yes that's right all sand. Our first 30 mins leg was going to the interior of the island and going to basin lake and then heading back and making lunch. We then headed to the eastern side of the island and headed north stopping off occasionally to do some 'photo stops' like the Wreck of the Maheno above. A beautiful spot, I took some amazing shots there.

We also stopped off and purchased a cheap green football who would later on become the 10th person on our 4x4 Toyota land cruiser crew known as 'Wembley'.

Our first night on the Island was quite interesting as we desperately looked for a spot to camp out along the beach. There are camp sites but there is a strict lights out policy at 21.00.

We picked a spot next to these older Australians guys out on a week long fishing trip. Jesus was it a mad night. At one point 2 of the guys in the car disappear and then they reappeared with a car load of girls.. .Then these two German guys turn up. Two of the Ozzie guys got into a fist fight and one guy lost 4 teeth.

This was the sort of night that you can't plan. Thank fully I managed to stay in some degree of control by looking after the music all night long!

I went to sleep quick quickly into our tent at about 12.15.