Monday, September 26, 2005

Brisbane Bound

HPIM1695Day 18 - 10th Sept
After all the time in Noosa it was time to head on tothe next destination. Bisbane. Angelika was going to stay there for a day extra so as to able to go to the australia Zoo.

I myself was off brisbane for one night only. I had a free night there with my package deal for the whole of this leg of the travels. I did not care much for doing anything big in the city since i have allready done a big city llike sydney and also I knew I would be spending time with Greta in Melbourne.

I basically got to the city and spent a good 2 hours uploading and blogging.
I really should have moe to report on this but it was a day of nothing ness. I spent the evening watching a bad UK film called Purely Belter. It was around this point in time that I was starting to realise that my shoes where starting to get a bit funny.