Sunday, April 17, 2005

Chess and peter stringfellow

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The past few days included:
Drinking with Cas in the Wenlock in East London.
Apparently there is such a place beyond Holborn.

Now this was a good night because:
1: Our team won the Pub quiz
2: There was a lock in, Only the second I have ever had in London
3: There was a group of us watching and giving drunken advice to 2 people playing chess. I don't think we actually helped that much.

Friday I did get the shots I need to go abroad. Now I have an achy breaky arm.

Friday night I went to the Priory Bar with Alan and Barbara... a semi expensive cocktail bar round the courner from me in Olympia. not too bad i give it a 6-7 out of 10.

Last night was Alice's Birthday party. And since she had a bit of envy at Anthony's box present (last week was his birthday) he got, I made one as well for her.

The basic concept of the box (from Bureau)is that you buy a nice gift box and put inside of it:
At least one nice present
Party poppers to use in the pub
Sweets/Candy to eat or to throw at other people in the pub.
and a genrealy asembly of cheap crap to keep the person occupied.

Last night we were playing Shag/Marry/Kill:
The hardest moral decisions had to be made when given a choice of Peter Stringfellow/Benny Hill/Hugh Hefner

It kept our minds occupied for 15 mins and still it was a hard choice... Kill peter Stringfellow?

What would you do?