Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Tavistock night out.

So last night was a night out with the Tavistock film group. Which started with time in the Tavistock Hotel.

This desceneded into a ravagily hunger (possibly drunk) requiring pack of people, needing to eat. So we headed to the spanish restaurant I was at last tuesday with VPU!!!

Strange circularity about that.

Before I go on big thanks for the cake! Cheers all.

Guest editors today are from the Tavistock Film Group. With their own comments on last night.

We played a hilarious game in the Spanish bar tonight at about 01.30 (actually 2.00) in the morning. It involved which celebrities we are the love child of... Johanna was the love child of Tim Curry (but is the actually the real grand-love child of
Graham Greene!!!)

Sometimes it was informative and insightful, at other times it was disgusting and something I really enjoyed. If I was to write a story book about it Gaetan could write it and embellish it to hell.

It was interesting to meet these people and they should not be let out of the asylum. Some of them could be intriguing and some of them could be plain dull. Secrets have been have been revealed... Over several wines/sangria/not quite sure what it was. I have stories to tell.. Who wants to buy them...?

Would just like to say that he would worry if Gaetan became a journalist... For his ability to relay information effectively and accurately!