Friday, April 08, 2005

Good Friends

You know that i have really lovely friends... so much so that they go and buy me a T-shirt like this for a leaving present!!!

and before you ask, yes it is Britney and Christina, and yes they are doing what you think they are doing! If you want to know where to get this and other 'quality' murchandise let me know.

On another note, monday will be my flight booking day. But most importantly tonight is Anthony P&*£!"s' 30th!! b'rthday shindig. Oh the booze, the broads...well... um... the well I can't think of anything else begining with b, but you know what i mean. A night for choas...will report back any funny instances dear reader and hopefully some pics as well!

Ps I will find out who the Anti-Glee is! Be warned!