Sunday, April 24, 2005

Another pub quiz.

Tonight involved Alan/Heidrun/Cas/Barbara and myself going to a pub in 'Brackenbury village' Otherwise known to most normal (non Estate agents) people as west Hammersmith. And we came second (not even close to first like last week in the Wenlock). The winning team was miles ahead of us. What was emabrassing was that we were the only team with welsh people (2 in fact) and they spelt Aberystwyth wrong.

I have been mostly listening today to Jem and their newsong 'They'. It rocks.

Check out her site! Jem

Never mind the fact that she is in the video and is absolutely beautiful and that she does a whole Barbarella sequence in the video. Wow.

There are now only less than 10 days till I start the round the world trip... actually I have an ominous feeling about it all. Something I can't quite place. Nevermind the endless leaving drinks I have in the next week, with family/friends/film group. It all seems so strange. Oh well bring it on.

At least I have a new flat to leave my stuff in while I am away. What a shame I have to go through the hassle of moving house.