Sunday, April 03, 2005


Yes, after a bit of a crazy weekend that involved started off with:
A Rat Pack Frank Sinatra themed leaving party with Karaoke!
A cold war themed house warming party above a load of curry shops in brick lane. Where G. & E. & T. got people eating broccoli with trifle!
A birthday party in a Moroccan restaurant in Oxford Circus. Where when you want food you ask for it and get it free?
A shopping splurge for comic books and DVDs...nuff said.
My last ever shows for the Science Museum. Which where rammed!

And now I am unemployed....ahhhh

Thanks all of you that did come to the leaving do on Friday night... Little did I anticipate the evil crazy genius of an idea that karaoke would become. I hope you all had a great time and since I was hosting, I could only spend a little bit of time with each of you. Which felt inadequate.

But I hope I got to say goodbye to everyone.
Highlights for me from Friday night where the following:

Mark's rendition of Nirvana's smells like teen spirit
Ben Gammon aledgedly rocking to bon Jovi Livin' on a prayer
Deanna fantastic singing...all through the night.
Torturing everyone with American Pie.

I had been thinking.. we should have recorded the whole thing and released everyones 'Dulcet' Tones on CD.

maybe call it... nowthat's what i call Scince Museum Staff singing Vol 3

But any way the 6 month odessey begins!

If anyone has photo's from friday night.. please send them to me.