Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What is new?

So what is new in my life... Well the house I am buying looks like a positive and is going ahead, which is good. But more importantly tonight I spent a fantastic night in the company of the VPU/Sci-night unit... in an obscure Spanish bar on Hanway street round the back of Tottenham court rd.

So everyone was there form the unit and we had a gay old time (not literally) and it was good to these guys/gals because I have deep place in my heart for all of them. Since I have worked with all of them at the Science Museum. Good luck to you all.

And what's more Rob turned up as well from a gig in Germany, which is great because he missed out on the craziness of my Frank Sinatra/Karaoke leaving do. If you don't know Rob, you might know him from his 'nom de gueure' Rufus Hound. He was recently on BBC3, Destination 3. Bigging up the Rufus. Have fun in Las Vegas!

Most of the night decendeded into a fun parade of chaos that was akin to a Girls' slumber party, never a bad thing. The best bit was that I was the only Y chromosome there... quelle domage!

The night was being quiet almost 'civilized', until I brought it down to the base level with a few rounds of 'SHAG/MARRY/KILL?' See earlier in the month...
Which then proceeded to go from random celebrities to people we actually knew... Not at my behest I would like to point out. They did it all by themselves. Dangerous territory!

Then the girls took the game to new level with their own interpretation
BIG willy/MEDIUM willy/Tiny willy

and then it went to arounds of 'I have never'

If you don't know the rules... email me to find out more.

Now just a as a few general points that I actually do remember of the night!
1) Susanne, I do have a good picture of you.
2) Kat, I am not surprised that the toothpaste thing did not work...
3) Amy, you should not play the 'I have never Game', I only remember what you told me last time.
4) Brookie, I am surprised at you!
5) Sam, honestly, in the museum!
6) Claire, you kept way too quiet during most of it, that makes me suspicious of your answers.
7)John, man, you left way too early... nuff said

Ps lots of love to the VPU/SCI-night... Luv Ya.