Friday, February 17, 2006

Late nights at Dana

So this week has been a week of late night events, one of which ,(speed dating sceince) i have now done... but one fo them is still to come.

speed dating science though was hilarious... not only was it a fantastic event which had the science of body language talk then speed dating but also the fact we had loads of peope staying at the bar durieng and after the event.. some how i was leading a procession of these people down to the south kensington wine bar that i knew was open late. Janets'!

when i got home at 01:00 i thought it would be a genius idea (i may have been drinking) to try out watching ferris bueller day off again.

It has to be said waking up to the sound of bird call at 5:30 in the morning is not allways a good sign especially when you have been slumped on the sofa for the past few hours, with the TV still on in the background showing the ferris bueller test card.

Any way.. tonight will I am sure be more restrained and relaxed which will be great. It is all about aliens.

catch you all soon. I will be loading up some new photos soon. when i get a chance to take some images.