Wednesday, March 15, 2006

prince regent pub gloucester road

So I was in the pub last night, which afforded me the oppurtunity to do a number of things. mainly to actually write up a few things in my blog.

So first of all I ordered for my PSP a new 1gb card at about half of the price of the high street.. Thank god for ebay. It took a while to get here from Hong Kong. but so worth it, as I can now have music pictures and videos on the thing with out worrying too much.

Personally I think it is a huge shame that the logic 3 PSP keyboard has been cancelled I had been realy looking forward to that.

I have been flickr' ing as per usual and really getting in to it. Discovering all sorts of new applications within it, like making mosaics of my images.

Any way I was at the pub because I wanted to meet up with Cas. he had just had an interview that day that day witha company called... Acamite. though I not sure yet how to spell that.

So Cas will be back in the land of the employed very soon. At last.

Any way it was a noce night knocking back a few jars of guinessand all was right in the world again.

Also another techy thing here I am glad they have finally released a few UMD films cheaply here now. Under £8. now i can have a few movis for when I am on the go.... though that does make me sound far to geeky and techy. oh well