Friday, July 08, 2005

80's music and bombs

Yesterday was a day for admin... I let Heid wande rthe city so that I could organise myself (booking Hostels etc)for the next few days weeks... At the start of it I did then find out about the London Bombs.

Thankfully no one to the best of my knowledge...

We have now booked into the Yosemite trip and also we are going to Alcatraz.

Also we went out Last night with Carrie and Clare to the Cat club, with some of the best 80's music I have heard in a while. And all through the night I was at various times the Girl's Boyfriends as well. I danced like a fool all night... The girls were dancing wih some strange men though... claire for instance had some guy who for lack of a better name we shall call MUNGO. Not a pretty boy. ANd they all had had their asses touched and pulled one way or another.

Oh in terms of tourist shit, we visited the hell tourist hole of fisherman's wharf. Over and done with.

Today we visit the heart of the fruit and nuts that is San Francisco... as we visit Mission and Castro!