Friday, July 29, 2005


Um I really wanted to wait before the blogging this but Oh my god.. I have just jumped out of a plane 12,000 ft up in the air above Lake taupo... It is so hard to describe the sensations and feeling runnign through me at the moment.. but let me just say that there is nothing... nothing like it and my body and my emotional state are just in a complete high! I will hopefully be putting up a mini video of my landing soon!

It only cost me the equivalent of 60 UKP or 150 NZD but I got out of it the feeling that there is now nothing I can't Acheive... Nothing can stop me.. And I don't want this buzz to stop or end...

An amazing experience that only my jumper buddies today Daniele, Leslie, Chantal, Stacy, Markus can understand.

"Nothing going get in our way .... not tonight" like the lines from a classic rock song!