Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Surfing california

So Lisa Bermeo, invited us to stay at her house over the weekend and it just seemed llike too good of an offer to trun down. She livd up in Marin County in a place called Petaluma. A great little town just north of San francisco.

So we spent a fun little weekend that involved us going to Point reyes a completly fogged in ligh house with her and simon, one of her sons. And like all kids, he instantly leeched on to me... I seem to have a magnetic ability with children in that they are compelled towards me...

Any way we had a fun time at the light house and the peasouper therein, but then we headed all of to see charlie and the choclate factory. Now let me lay my cards on the table here. I like Tim Burton's films... but some of the last ones have been les than adequate of his vision... so I wasn't expecting much, but it is a work of genius. brilliant. He is back in form and also I saw the trailer for Corpse bride his new film, which looks absolutely amazing!

Any back to the house where I finally taught Lisa (and simon) the card game shithead. Some how Lisa had avoided playing the game for the whole fo the 16 days we spent on the bus. Honestly, I feel as if I am on a mission now to spread this card game all around the world, to people everywhere.

Thge next day was the most important as we went to a place called Bolinas with an amazing beach. And it seems to be run by a bunch of facist hippies. For example they tear down road signs to the town so that people have less chance of finding it. Trees are pulled out of peoples gardens if they ruin the old town aesthetic of the area. And yet the town is very chilled and bummed out and full of hippies. I am sure there is a movie script in the idea of facist hippies... suggestions?

Any way back to the surfing... and I should point out that ruby came out with us on this day (lisa's daughter). But it toook me about 1 1/2 hours to remember how i used to do surfing in cornwall a couple of years ago.
But it did come back to me, and I even managed to stand on the board for a bit.

There is more to follow but I need to sort out my new zealand flights