Sunday, July 10, 2005

Palo Alto Luau & cheap ass wine

I suppose my trip should be marked and noted for more than the incessant partying and drinking but...

I seem to be doing a lot of it...
take for instance the other night I went Huggies and Leti party. Huggies/Leti for those of you that don't know, were from the Bus.

He had a huge luau party at his house in mountain view out side of SF, 70-80 drunk hawiian shirted/coconut shelled bra'd people. Jesus the amount of booze, going down.. with mixers and liqour being downed left right and centre.

Notable events from the night included.

The barbi not starting and a load of men not being able to do anything and me having to step up to the 'MAN' plate. and sort it out... hope you enjoyed the carbonised food.
Heid quitting early at 12.00
The fact they sell Pineaple as well Mango Malibu
Finding a pair of lacy green pants and tampax packets all over the garden the next day.
Meeting a girl from Hawaii who name was ANI, which she then proceeded to tell us meant evil in hawaiian... nice
the 2 DJ's myself and jo trying to get people dancing... but everyone being disintersted...oh well

The Next morning we woke up to a bomb scene... bottles, grass skirts, beads, marshmellows and everything in between. After helping to clear up Leti and Hugs drove around stanford and Palo Alto where the train station was. We got to the train station just in time and we said good bye to Huggies and Leti.

Then we waited for the train... and then waited some more.

1 1/2 hours later and with heid about to kill some one the train arrived (apparantly delayed after a death on the line)

On the train back I had a great chat with some random woman who described San Francisco a having strange morals.

But we had to get back to the touristy stuff. so we hired some bikes and cycled like nobodies business. We cycled about 20-25 miles. Up some really bad hills. my muscles today are in semi hell. But on the plus side I have now cycled across the Golden gate bridge as well as golden gate park and the presidio.

Oh and forgot to upload some photo's from earlier including the 4 of July fireworks where we were put through the wringer of appalling cheesy patriotic music

oh and two photo's from mission and Castro.