Thursday, July 07, 2005

Birds Flying High .... You know how I feel

The title is of Course inspired by the amazing song I feel Good by Nina simone.
Because life is great over here at the moment.

After collecting Heid from the airport I spent the day just recovering from the drunkenness of the night before. So much so that I the evening I bugged out of the drink s at about 12.00 and went to sleep at about . Little did I know about the the rest of the craziness and Fighting and puking and sordid stories and injuries that would happen after I left.

I would worry about cataloging it all here Surfice to say that the Following Happened.

Someone revealed that they had had sex in a bar locally in plain view of other people.
Someone fell out of their bed broke their arm for which they were charged $2000 and also discovered they had an eye infection after an infection to a mascara.

Some people were nearly thrown out of the bar after getting into a minor dispute over the singing of sea shanties. Loudly.

Too much Whiskey was drunk.

Someone puked outside the offices to the green tortoise hostel... From the windows of the green tortoise hostel office.

Far too much Whiskey was drunk.

Fighting began. Scratching and Biting as well. And apparently this was arousing for someone.... nuff said.

The following morning, Blood stained shirts, Hang overs & bruises cuts later. People waking up thinking what the hel happened.

All I have to say on this all is that in many ways I was glad I missed out on this and also I am sorry I didn't see the chaos in full flow.

I suppose I should update you on the things I have been doing. Well I have been Origaming like a demon and my dollar rings are very popular. Also I visited the California Academy of sciences as well as the Cartoon Art Museum. And also saw Batman begins on the .... wait for it ... on an Imax Screen... OH man was tat ever the greatest!!! brilliant film especially when done so big. Drank cocktails on the first of our Tiki Bar hunt around the city.

Not much else to report.