Tuesday, July 05, 2005

SAN Fransicso

SO after Arriving safe and well on the 3rd of july here in San at about 10 pm we had to book ourselves in and sort ourselves out for the night. Conor hadn't got a room so he kipped in mine as i had ffered it.

Wait a minute let me give you some more of the details first.
checked in
Went to buy booze
Sat down in the lounge area here in the Green tortoise (the greatest Hostel I have ever stayed in)
Promptly Drank booze with the remanants of the of te crew staying at green tortoise. Lisa and Claire had no place to stay so I offered up my room to them as well. We it was not so much that they didn't have a place to stay but after a bit of partying we were doing there was no way to get back to Lisa's house in Santa Cruz. And maybe Lisa wanted an excuse to hang around a little bit longer as wel... I couldn't possibly say.

So after some more drinking and singing Brian our co driver fro the trip managed to make it back from Oakland where the bus had been Dropped off. As you find out once I have fully typed up my bus trip hbe was also known as the Shanty Man.

As you may have guesszd from the frequent mentions of boze and alcohol it ws a meessy night not least when at 1.30 am we decided to go out to a bar.. which where due to close in half an hour. But I did get served by a guy ina MExican Wrestling mask some cranberry Vodka. But we had a problem our group. We had no More booze back at the hostel. AAAARRRGGGG. But we were saved since Louise who was with some guy who I don't even know the name of had gone to the local korean bodega and was buying booze. Having been chucked out of our bar wewhere trying to shout and mime to louise what we wanted... with out much success.

"Bombay Saphire!!!"

2 bottles of whiskey having been purchased and some spiced rum Later in the hostel we were back int he lounge area of the hostel. (Literally we left this building for all of 20 mins, 7 of which were in a bar) we were sing playing guitar, generally making far too much Noise. Though Conor's rendition of Ramble on (irony not appreciated at the time) with accompianment by dean on the Bongo was amazing. So having been chucked out of the lounge area. It was up to our rooms.

Lisa And Claire had decided to crash a little bit earlier and were in my room when I came in a with a few others and started to wach Lock Stock and two smoking barrels. We were all starting to dooze a little at this point so we went to sleep. When I went to sleep I had a french and an amercian women in bed with me. When I awoke I had a load of mascara on my face (thanks Louise) and an Irish guy sleeping next to me... Alcohol does strange and funny things to us all. This was at 10.30 am and I then had to work to pull the vokaised parts of my psyche and body together to get to the airport to collect Heid... more later.

More to come but I thought you would all lie a taster of my first proper night in San Fran. The past 16 days as I have said are in a journal and i will update you all soon.