Saturday, July 30, 2005

Kiwi experience (25th Monday)

Blogging today from Smitty's Sport's Bar (Monday ) in Whitianga on the north Island of New Zealand... and I have seen some pretty Amazing and beautiful sights all day long.

Allow me to fill in some of the details for you all.
After arriving in the ACB here in Auckland I went out for a few drinks at the globe bar here with this one guy I bumped into here in the dorm. I would have been dancing except we saw what could only be described as 'Come Dancing' meets car crash. A 50 year old was break dancing as well as 2 asian girls (who could well have been Lady boy Prostitutes) and a couple of guys who decided to throw off the shirts and dance around.

The sight of these people doing only what I would loosely define as define as dancing (they were also using a pole )put people off the dance floor. which was a shame. But in fact two of the people on the bus this morning where also int eh bar and they said that the sight of this nutter bunch dancing/flailing around the dance floor made every one want to leave!!

My bus promptly turned up got on and realised that my long sleave top was still in the bar I vacated at 13.00 last night. and At the moment it has to be said that it is winter here... and that means rain! Damn. But early into the trip that day a visit to a local supermarket meant a new black hoody top

The first day was filled with a visit to cathedral cove. some footie out there was a great laugh.
then we headed off to Hot water beech where we hit the tide at just the right time so that we could dig up the beach a little and expose at one area a hot geothermal water spring that bubbles up from the sand. Inventively they call the area Hot water beach.

Then to bed at the hostel at Whitianga
after we had some lovely chips and spring rolls. In fact there was a little too many. We had this pile of chips and greasy congelled fatty fried fish the next morning... needless to say we didn't eat it! (but we were tempted.