Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Day 4 (Sunday 14th)
Since i got into town I had needed to buy myself a new pair of jeans, so Johannnah and my self headed out to the braodway and to the glamourous K-mart and after getting her a new pair of shoes we sat down and had a little coffee which was a perfect way to get up in the morning. but pretty much after that it was a quiet day with me popping round to the girls house to do some laundry and then I ended up watching Being John Malkovitch again (genius of a film).

But to make sure I maintained my doing something cultural every day thing We , Em and myself, headed to the Power house museum. Which for all you museum affionados out there used to be run by Dr Lindsey Sharp, who now runs.... the science museum in london.

I have to say it is quite a good looking museum and again for all my buddies back in the museum world it does have an exhibition all about Sustainable develepoment and the environment.... sound familiar?

heh heh heh
Day 5 (Monday 15th)

Since Em was waiting to get her criminal record check to come into work (she's a pharmacist) she has had a lot of spare time and there are loads of thing that although she had lived in sydney for 6 months had yet to do. So we decided to do a trip to the Blue mountains around sydney. by taking the train to Katoomba. Now Em bless her heart is not a morning person, not by a long way.And she had wanted to get to the new zealand consulate to sort out some visa stuff at 9.00 am but... it didn't quite go that way. let us just say tha em made it over to me at 10.30 at the hudsons coffee house in opposite the building on Hunter street.

After a few other admin type things she needed to sort we headed to Central to get the train out. When we got to the station at 12.00 wesaw that the next train to Katoomba wasn't until 13.00!! what is that about. so we hung around on the train for 1 hr. and this wasn't the express train either so byt eh time we got there it was 14.30. It stoppped at every damn stop along the way. But it has to be said we were both hopefull that the lovely weather we have been having here in sydney would hold out till the mountains.

So we got to the place but it was looking voercast a littl ebut pretty much ok , except it was really cold! and the winds where practically gale force. We did some of the trails round there and as you can see I took some realy great photos's of the area.

On the way back we decided to stop of fina cool litle book shop in town (at Em's suggestion I would like to point out) for 10 mins, we browsed and then headed up to get a train...

We had missed it literally by two mins. So an hour, a couple of pints and some herb bread later we got on another train that took us back to town. Em also noticed that her foot was startingto act up. A portent of things to happen the next day In WOLLONGONG!