Friday, August 05, 2005

thursday ...Sky diving friday

well it was meant to be at any rate... but the weather around Taupo was a bit of a bust so we couldn't sky dive that day...Damn... so we just chilled out in Town and stacy got her contacts ... finally.

I offered to cook dinner as well Which was a Little bit peppery but other wise a lovely wholesome rissotto of a meal. In fact it was the start of my reputation amoungst the people i have been travelling with of being a db hand as a cook and being labelled as master chef! which after all the other names i have been called in my life is a good thing.
since we also needed cheap entertainement i suggested for my own benefit to investigate the back catalogue of will Farrel films and in fact over 3-4 days I watched Anchor man, Dodge ball and Meet the fockers... All great films. Highly recommend Anchor man much under represented.

So a nice dinner and drinks later. Well actually quite a few drinks later... and much table dancing with canadian girls. Table dancing as in I was on the table dancing with them... before you ask. It descended into the usual sordid quagmire of people copping off with each other or at least attempting to... except me. the reason why is that earlier on the evening i decided that since i was going to go sky diving i felt a hang over would be BAD THING!!! but i did lots to stir up the unnecessary rumour mill. Appraently the Bus driver tries to do it all the time and the rumour he was putting around was that I had to 'choose' between Chatal and lesley... hmmmm. wasn't going to happen.

But any way next day up bright and breezy for the sky dive.. now i am not going to say much more about it apart fromt eh fact it was amazing.. you want to know more ask me about it next time we meet. But the girls and I , Stacy/Chatal/lesley all headed to the Spa after wards and duely got our feet more wrinkled than an old Prune. so relaxing.. In fact so much so that we decided to go for a few drinks afterwards down at mulligans in Taupo again. That soon turned into 5 and I duely rolled into bed at 02.00 am.

But for me and stacy this was to be our last night withte gang we had made as we where haeding back up to auckland the next day. so we said our goodbyes and wished them well for all the adventures they would have on the south island and beyond. love you all guys stay frosty down there on the glacier.

G sending his love to his South bound posse...XXX