Wednesday, August 17, 2005


OZ day 1 well after two flights and a rapid booking at the 'wake up' hostel while at the stop over in auckland ( thanks for the recommendations Chenie and Rivette). I rock up into town and get the airport shuttle to the hostel. Now I had been planning to hook up with Mel and Marnie from NZ but I had at the time I made the booking no idea where they where. But just as I get to registration desk to check in for the night i get a text from Mel. Lo and behold guess where they are staying? Yep the 'wake up' as well. So I book myself into room 306! I also found out that this place has wireless internet.!!! Pretty much we rocked up downstairs to the room

But this was Also the day when I first met Kathryn and Emma Or as they are known by their Crime Fighting names Higgins and Smithers.
These wo are amazing, they are into thier bad cheesy dancing as much as me... in fact I have to admit this.. they are bettter! Emma is the amazing pharmacist and Kathryn and superb doctor.. or at least that is what they have told me. And together I found my new dancing buddies. And despite the fact I had only just rocked up into town we partied like it were 1999. Oh and honorable mention goes to Tony, who had his Arsed pinched by creepy dancing shirt holding guy.

Day 2

One thing I have found that I enjoy doing and that is really usefull is that I like to try to orientate my self in the city. So i took a liesurly stroll along the main high streets here in Sydney (George and Pitt streets) and ended up in the harbour . So I saw the sydney harbour bridge and the opera house....that is two things off of the list. During the course of the day when I got back tot he hostel or in the Morning (I am not sure which), I Agreed to help Higs and smith move house the following day. Oh and I also purchased a new shirt for australia ... and got a hair cut (You should have seen my hair after Grand Tetons hair cut over a month ago)... things that where both desparately needed.

We went out in the evening again to the Side Bar (the bar attached to the Hostel). and met some other crazy medics who have got of fthe boat and are working over here (naz and Kelly). As you may know when you get a load of 20 somethings together from the Uk sometimes the conversationturns to Kids cartoons we remember, and everyone was genuinely and positively amazed by my level of knowledge. They had a load questions about transformers that i could answer easily.... strange that one.

Oh I forgot to mention that we started to play a drinking game before we went out and we were drinking with Gin and tonic....classy. the Names of Yates & Omar will forever be etched into my memory. nuff said. but later on in the eveving we sat down to watch big brother up stairs with our bottle of gin and just for future reference I should never become a cocktail maker. because by the end of the night there was no blood left in my Gin stream in my body. ow ow ow

PS I am only 4-5 days behind with the blog... .not bad hey! I am actually catching up with this thing. Given a few more days I might be able to get up to the present day.

Day 3

Helped Higgins (Kathryn) and Smithers (Emma) to move house in a Yute other wise known as a pick up truck with the shakiest alluminium back end. After a quick coffee in Liech Hardt, the area where all the Australian Itallian mafia hang out.

I was wondering what they would sound like though:
" What am i amusing to ya mate, Am i some type of feckin' clown to ya..."
Two new people joined our troupe in the house 1 french girl that even days later I have no idea who she was. then we had Johannah come along with us from Germany.

We all went out fro drinks but it was a biut of bust mainly because the party downstaris was shit and that weafter two nights of hard graft werea little bit tired. In fact I don't think I did anything touristy at all this day?