Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Party photo's

Here are Just some of the Photo's from a crazy night out in Sydney town last friday night.... Now here is a good recipe for disater for all concerned. Take 2-3 people who know nothing about wine and then take 1 person who does, try to educate everyone on the different types/taste of wines. 5-6 bottles later feel very drunk then head to a club.

We started off by heading to Martin's place bar where the wine drinking/tasting started, A bit of a suited lawyer bar but good place none the less. Then we headed to the establishment bar on George street. It was at this bar I rapidly switched to Diet coke as I know that the wine I had been drinking awas going rapidly to my head. Apparently the girls as they described it where being 'Sleazed on' almost the instant they walked into the bar.

Unfortunatley some of my compatriots did not take the same course of action and woke up the next morning feeling worse for it. The night finished off with a compulsary trip to Mcdonalds and then a taxi back home.